What is a Magnetic Parts Holder?

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A magnetic parts holder is a magnetized organizer that can look like a metallic bowl, or a long strip of metal, that helps keep small parts stored in place. They are frequently used to hold small, metal objects, like nuts, screws, and nails. The parts are placed in the receptacle at the start of a new project or as they are removed, held temporarily, and put in place or replaced as the project is completed. There are several different types of magnetic parts holders, with their own features and mounting systems.

There are a variety of types of these holders. They may have only one receptacle or they may have several compartments. Others are portable while still others can be mounted in place. Portable models may have a strong magnet to allow them to be “hung” in space, while others have a strap or other mechanism to secure them in place. Mounted models can either have receptacles to hold parts or simply be magnetized strips to which parts will stick.


One type of portable magnetic parts holder is made of metal and shaped like a small bowl or dish. This kind often has a coated magnet on the back to attach it to a metal surface, and depending on the strength, can hold parts in the receptacle even if it is facing the ground. The coating on the bowl helps protect the surface from scratches. Some come in sets that include magnetic dishes along with trays with raised edges — to prevent items from falling off — others come in the form of magnetic strips that are mounted on a wall to hold tools off of a work surface.

Magnetic wristbands or wrist straps are another style of magnetic parts holder. An elasticized or poly-web wristband fastens around the wrist and has a strong magnet attached. The wristband allows the user to keep small parts within easy reach no matter where the work has to be done. It fits on a bare wrist, but can also be worn over clothes.

There are some specialized magnetic parts holders made for particular types of parts. One example is the magnetic socket holder. This type of holder may offer pre-drilled holes for permanent mounting as well as being magnetized so it can easily be attached to a metal tool bench. The purpose in this case is to place frequently used items within easy reach, making work more efficient. Another specialized application is for auto racing. In this case the magnetic parts holder is referred to as a pit pad, which simply is a large, magnetized, flat surface.


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