What is a Magnetic Door Holder?

Mary McMahon

A magnetic door holder is a hardware fixture which uses a magnet to hold a door open or closed. These fixtures can be useful in a wide range of settings, and are sometimes strongly recommended for safety for certain types of doors. Many hardware stores carry magnetic door holders in a range of finishes, and they can also be ordered directly from manufacturers. In addition to whole fixtures, it is usually possible to order replacement parts to address a broken, damaged, or malfunctioning magnetic door holder.

Magnetic door holders can ensure doors remain open during emergency situations.
Magnetic door holders can ensure doors remain open during emergency situations.

The design of a magnetic door holder includes two parts: A magnet, and a fixture it is designed to attach to. When the magnetic door holder holds a door open, the magnet is usually mounted on the wall behind the door, and the fixture is located on the door. When the door is opened, the magnet and door connect, and the magnet holds the door in place until someone pulls the door away. This prevents slamming of doors, and can be used to hold doors open even when the weather is gusty.

Magnetic door holders can be valuable for safety because they can ensure that doors will stay open in an emergency. During an event such as a fire, people can panic, and sometimes doors get pulled shut, trapping people inside. When doors are held open, people can safely exit and the means of egress will remain clear. Likewise, magnets can also be used to hold doors shut for safety, isolating people from smoke and flames in a fire or chemical releases in a lab.

To keep a door closed, a magnetic door holder can be mounted in or around the frame of a door so that when the door is shut, people will need to push against the magnet to open it. This can be useful in areas where doors do not always get closed all the way, ensuring that doors pull snugly shut, such as laboratories and kitchens where people may move in and out frequently. Having a door closer mounted on a door ensures that the door stays closed unless someone is actively opening the door and passing through.

The strength of a magnetic door holder varies, depending on the design. If the door holder is too strong, it can be difficult to open or close the door, and sometimes the door runs the risk of being damaged. Conversely, if it is too weak, the door will not stay closed or open as desired. When selecting a magnetic door holder, people should check to see if it has a recommended weight rating, so that they can select the fixture which best fits the door in question.

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@heavanet- I think that a magnetic door holder would help keep your front door on nice days, but you will want to make sure that you buy the right kind to maintain the looks of your entryway.

Some magnetic door holders are large and look very commercial or industrial. I don't think that these are good looks for a residential home.

The best kind of magnetic door holder for a house is the type that looks like a knob and can be placed close to the floor. These holders usually are small and stylish, and also come in a variety of finishes to match your current door hardware.


I'm looking for a good option to keep my front door open during warm weather so fresh air can flow through my screen door. I have used door jams in the past, but it seems like people are always tripping over them. Is a magnetic door holder a good option for me?

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