What Is a Magazine Fundraiser?

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A magazine fundraiser is a way to raise funds via the sale of subscriptions to periodicals. It is commonly used to support schools, youth groups, and other not-for-profit organizations. Instead of contacting the magazine directly, the buyer subscribes via the group putting on the fundraiser. The subscriptions are fulfilled by the publisher, which means the seller does not hold inventory or distribute products.

There are several companies that help to manage the magazine fundraiser process. An organization signs up with the company, which then usually manages everything but the solicitation process. Often fundraisers will be given a personalized email message which can be sent out to potential donors. In many cases the fundraiser need only send one group email to reach fundraising goals. The organizing company may also offer templates for reminder and follow-up email messages.

Often the subscriptions in a magazine fundraiser are offered at a significantly discounted rate. Usually the fundraiser will be given a percentage of the magazine subscription cost. This tends to range from 40 to 50 percent.

A typical magazine fundraiser will have hundreds of titles available for subscription. These are usually offered via an online database. Sometimes fundraisers will also have a hard copy list with categorized magazine titles, subscription prices, and the number of issues for each magazine listed.


Some magazine fundraising companies also offer online tools for managing the fundraising process. This can include tracking sales, responses, and progress towards fundraising goals. There are also companies which host personalized web pages for each fundraiser. These sites give fundraisers an opportunity to provide more details about their mission and further promote their cause.

There are several reasons magazine fundraisers can be a desirable way to raise funds. They are particularly useful for youth organizations, as it is possible for the entire process to be managed online, without the need for children to sell in physical locations. It is also a convenient process for donors because they can usually complete the order process online at their leisure. A magazine fundraiser does not require storing, managing, or delivering inventory, which can also greatly simplify the process.

Often a magazine fundraiser will be used to supplement other fundraising efforts. This is primarily because, while it is possible to raise money quickly and easily selling subscriptions, there tends to be a more limited audience for this type of offering. For example, a group may sell candy or cookies to raise most of its funds, and then offer the subscriptions as a quick way to supplement that income.


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