What is a Lying Tricep Extension?

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The lying tricep extension is a resistance exercise used to increase strength and tone in the tricep muscle. In order to perform the exercise properly, some specific steps should be followed. Those who are concerned about their ability to perform the lying tricep extension properly should consult with a personal trainer in order to gain additional knowledge.

The lying tricep extension is a type of strength training exercise that is commonly used to tone and strengthen the triceps muscle. The tricep muscle is located on the back of the upper arm, and is often considered to be one of the more difficult muscle groups to target. The primary function of the tricep is elbow extension, which occurs commonly when pushing an object away from the body. Though this muscle in not excessively large in size, its three attachments, or heads, means that it is actually quite strong. In many cases, individuals have greater strength in the triceps than in the biceps or even shoulders.

In order to perform a lying tricep extension, exercisers should start by lying flat on their back on an exercise bench. Ideally, this bench should be tall enough to hit them approximately between their knees and hips. Exercisers should start by holding a light barbell with a relatively close hand grip, and should extend the barbell upward, over their upper chest, keeping their arms straight and their palms facing down and away from the body.


After taking a few deep breaths, exercisers will be ready to perform the lying tricep extension. At this time, individuals performing the exercise bend their elbows, lowering the barbell past the crown of their heads. Ideally, individuals should stop lowering the barbell once their elbows are bent to a ninety degree angle. At this point, exercisers should exhale deeply, and straighten their arms back to the starting position. The exercise can be performed as many times as preferred, though studies have suggested that best results occur with sets containing ten to fifteen repetitions of the lying tricep extension.

When performing the lying tricep extension, it is essential to use the proper form and technique. Failing to do so can not only result in severe athletic injury, but can also make the individual attempting the exercise feel frustrated and disappointed. Those who are concerned about their ability to perform the exercise correctly may want to consult with a personal trainer, who should be able to provide additional guidance.


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