What Is a Luxury Motorhome?

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

A luxury motorhome is a motorhome with extra features and amenities that are not considered standard, such as leather seating. It may be part of a company's product lineup, or it can be custom built to satisfy specific customer needs. Companies that manufacture luxury motorhomes often offer new and used vehicles, and some may also provide access to rentals for customers who do not want to purchase, but need use of a motorhome for a planned trip or event.

A luxury motorhome.
A luxury motorhome.

Motorhomes consist of a robust engine that pulls an enclosed cabin. The size is kept within legal limitations so it can be driven on the open road, and it may provide sleeping room for a range of people, generally between two and eight. The vehicle will also have an enclosed kitchen and bathroom. Features like a tow hitch for a private car to use while the motorhome is parked at a facility are often available, along with fold-out awnings to create a shady outdoor area.

In the case of a luxury motorhome, the fittings are usually made from very high quality materials like real wood, polished steel, and natural materials like leather, wool, and silk. These materials still need to meet any safety guidelines, such as being fire resistant. The design of the interior of the coach maximizes space, often in ingenious ways, and may include luxurious touches like built-in vases or design features from noted architects and graphic designers.

The luxury motorhome may have more amenities, such as built-in bars, extra storage space, and other tools the owner may find useful. Storage under the coach for bulky items people may travel with, like skis and diving gear, is also available. Power to the motorhome may be supplied through batteries or a separate generator to make sure the owner never lacks for power, and care is taken to make the interior as pleasant as possible.

Price points for luxury motorhome designs can be very high because of the increased design costs as well as the more expensive base materials. Additions can increase the base price, especially if they require substantial custom modifications. Lease and rental options may be a good choice for consumers who only need a motorhome temporarily or are not sure about how much they will use it. Used vehicles are another choice for consumers who want a luxury motorhome, but cannot pay the sticker price for a new vehicle.

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

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