What is a Lumbar Cushion?

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A lumbar cushion is a specially designed support pillow used for providing added support to the lower back, thus relieving or reducing lower back pain aggravated by prolonged periods of sitting. Typically, a lumbar cushion is contoured to conform to the natural curve of the lower back when seated. People who have lower back pain or muscle tension may benefit from using a support pillow at their office desk, in the car, or at home. Those who are bound to or periodically use a wheelchair may also benefit from a lumbar cushion.

Similar in construction to other contoured support pillows, a lumbar cushion is firm and supportive rather than “squishy” like standard pillows and cushions. The goal when using such a pillow is to provide ergonomic support to an area of the body that may be strained or become strained from prolonged positioning, such as sitting at a desk or sleeping. In some cases, individuals who are bed-ridden due to illness or injury may be told to use a specific style of support pillow. Lumbar cushions are primarily made for people who experience lower back pain when forced to sit in one position for extended periods of time.


You can purchase lumbar cushions and similar products at many pharmacies and medical supply companies. Some cushions are wedge-shaped, while others are roll-type pillows, which actually provide support while sitting and lying down. The type of cushion you choose should be based on comfort and primary place of use. You may have to test a few before you find one that is suitable for you.

Keep in mind that while not terribly expensive to replace, most people purchase a lumbar cushion for prolonged use. For that reason, make sure you purchase a cushion that is surface-washable or one that has a removable, washable cover. One of the nice things about the various support pillows is that they are available in a variety of colors. You can easily match one to your office chair, recliner, or wheelchair for subtlety. The price of an average lumbar cushion is about $30.00 US Dollars, but can be slightly less or more depending on the manufacturer and type.

If you have specific lumbar support needs, you should talk to your doctor, chiropractor, or physical therapist about the best type of support product for your lifestyle.


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Post 2

Anytime I know I am going to be sitting for long periods of time, I like to keep my back supported. If I am going to a sporting event and know I will be sitting on a hard bleacher that has no back support, I always take my seat cushions with me.

Not only do they help support my back, but also have pockets in them for carrying water, a blanket or whatever else is needed for the outing. It makes such a difference to have a place to rest your back when you are sitting for a long stretch.

Post 1

If you spend a lot of time sitting during the day, finding a lumbar cushion can really help keep you comfortable and give your back the support it needs at the same time.

I didn't buy a special back support cushion, but keep a small, firm pillow on my computer chair at all times. It fits in the small of my back and allows me to sit back in my chair and let my back rest on the pillow. This makes sitting for long periods much easier on my back.

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