What is a Lounge Chair?

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

Popular for use in the back yard as well as inside the home, a lounge chair provides relaxed and comfortable seating that allows the feet to be elevated. Sometimes referred to as a chaise lounge, a lounge chair may be upholstered when used in the home, or outfitted with waterproof removable cushions when used out of doors.

Woman with a flower
Woman with a flower

Lounge chairs or chaise lounges are found in a number of settings. One of the more popular stereotypical images of the lounge chair is associated with the psychologist’s office, where the patient can recline in comfort and relax during a session with a mental health professional. Most depictions of the purported casting couch in Hollywood folklore conjure up the image of a piece of furniture that looks a great deal like a traditional indoor chaise lounge.

Around the house, a lounge chair is often found as part of the patio furniture. This is especially true if a swimming pool is located near the patio. A lounge chair or two arranged poolside provides the ideal setting for working on a suntan, while still having the water nearby for a quick dip.

Inside the home, a lounge chair can be a welcome addition to the master bedroom, where it can be employed as an ideal setting for a quick nap or as a reading area. A formal lounge chair may be utilized in the living room as well, adding both a touch of European tradition to the space and providing extra seating. A lounge chair may also be used in a home office, making it possible to use the space for a quick nap or as a spare bed in the event of unexpected overnight company.

While the traditional lounge chair is constructed from high quality wood, ample padding, and durable upholstery, some modern lounge chairs are constructed from hard resin. This is especially true with patio or pool furniture. Prices will vary on different types of chaise lounges, depending on the materials used to construct the product.

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

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