What is a Loft Style House?

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A loft style house is a dwelling that features a wide open floor plan, high ceilings, and large windows. Originally created during the transformation of industrial spaces to low-income housing, lofts have gained popularity for their style and open feeling. A loft style house can be a great choice for anyone who dislikes heavy wall divisions and prefers to live in a common space, either alone or with other housemates.

The term loft was originally used to describe an attic-like space or top story that was directly below the main roof of a house or structure. Since these lofts weren't meant to be a main living space, they were frequently oddly shaped or proportioned, making wall divisions impossible or ungainly. When industrial buildings were converted to apartments, minimal changes and adaptations lead to the creating of loft apartments, which featured few walls and sat under the high roofs of warehouses and industrial factories. The loft style house grew out of the popularity of these apartments, particularly among those who enjoy openness in interior design .

This style of house has become a landmark of contemporary design styles. Since loft apartments were first popularized by artistic communities in large cities, the style has become characterized by urban design and heavily influenced by modern and urban art styles. The lack of walls and divisions allows for large, customizable spaces, suitable for both regular furniture and large displays of sculpture, art installations, or large design pieces.


Most of the time, a loft style house is a regular house that is built or converted to resemble a large loft apartment, but the term can also be used to describe a house that has a loft level below the roof. These houses may resemble regular homes on the ground floors, with typical wall divisions between rooms, but also contain a top level that is open and has the typical features of a loft. Many people use the loft level as a master or guest bedroom. Some also turn the loft into an office or studio, while using the ground level for daily living spaces.

Loft houses are frequently found in or near large cities, since the style embraces urban architecture and city design aesthetics. Some building firms offer loft style house plans for custom-built homes, or specialize in converting regular homes into lofts. To find a loft style house nearby, contact real estate agents or architecture firms for local information, or try searching online for nearby examples.


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Post 3

When we made the decision to self build we looked at lots of house plans with a loft style feature. If you choose this route make sure you join some sort of association, as you can get all kinds of advice specific to your situation.

One thing we didn't think about at first was how to keep a split level loft home cool in the summer. Thankfully we were able to learn about this on a forum and make plans to overcome humidity and rising heat.

Post 2

@angelBraids - I totally understand your feelings, especially after having lived in shared or small spaces for so long. I used to be quite sceptical of loft style houses too, but then I fell in love with something that I came across by accident.

I just happened to see a blog about contemporary design, which featured a local conversion of a church into an amazing living space. I was quite surprised to see that while the living and dining rooms were quite open and spacious, the bedrooms and bathrooms were situated on the other side. So it is possible to have privacy but keep a light and airy feeling.

It's been two years since I moved in and although interior design can be a challenge sometimes I have no regrets.

Post 1

I find it amusing that loft style apartments are basically just an upscale efficiency apartment!

I spent most of my student life living in one room. First a dorm and then a shared house. When I could afford something better I couldn't bear to even look at anything without at least three rooms!

My partner tried to persuade me to look at a split level home, but it turned out to be basically the same thing. The only difference was that the sleeping area was raised from the ground.

While I appreciate the natural light and amazing space many conversions offer, I couldn't see myself having so few boundaries between different areas of my home.

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