What Is a Lobster Yacht?

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Professional anglers need the right type of boat in order to be successful. The lobster yacht was designed for those who work in the lobster trade because it is a seaworthy vessel dedicated to safety. It is also very comfortable to stand on in nearly any type of water, which can reduce the strain on the joints of workers in this field. A lobster boat may contain a bathroom, sleeping quarters, and kitchen so it can be taken on extended fishing excursions.

The length of a lobster yacht can vary between 36 and 41 feet (10.98 to 12.5 m), but the deck is usually between 32 and 35 feet (9.76 to 10.68 m) long. Most fishing boats can travel around 26 knots per hour, which is just less than 30 miles per hour (48.2 km). Diesel fuel is normally used to power this watercraft, and most models have two tanks that hold around 100 gallons (379 l) each. One of these vessels can typically cruise around 300 nautical miles (345 miles or 555 km) before it needs to refuel.


Safety and stability are primary considerations when designing a lobster yacht. Lobster fishing can require workers to navigate harsh waters, making the risk of capsizing a very real possibility. As a result, these fishing boats are constructed to be as safe as possible and navigate smoothly even in treacherous conditions. Doing so has the added benefit of reducing the strain to an angler’s joints caused by the constant bending and lifting required by this position.

Some fishing excursions may require extended time on the water, so the cabin of a lobster yacht is designed with this thought in mind. Most units have a small kitchen, which includes a stove, sink, microwave, and refrigerator. Special shelving is designed to keep things from being flung out if the waters become treacherous. There are also separate sleeping quarters, which normally accommodate up to three people and may double as a sofa or bench when not in use. Most fishing boats have a full bathroom including a walk-in shower, toilet, and sink.

People who work in the lobster industry can appreciate the comfort and style of a lobster yacht, as it makes this difficult job more comfortable and pleasant to do. Some special training may be required before an individual can be comfortable driving one of these lobster boats, but it does not usually take a long time to become accustomed to doing so. Although these types of yachts are primarily used commercially, they could work nicely for recreational purposes as well.


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