What is a Lobster Pick?

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People who enjoy lobster tend to be familiar with the lobster pick. Lobster picks are used to remove tender slices of meat from the small nooks and crannies of the prepared lobster. Sometimes referred to as a lobster fork, the lobster pick provides ends that are shaped to allow easy extraction of those tasty morsels of meat that cannot be obtained using standard eating utensils.

Generally, a lobster pick is made of stainless steel, with a weight that is similar to that of a teaspoon. One end of this seafood pick is molded into a two-pronged fork, which makes it ideal for spearing and extraction lobster meat from a small cavity. The opposite end of the device may be shaped into a small spoon, making it ideal for scooping out meat from a tight section of the lobster. Other forms of the lobster pick feature a blunted point that is ideal for digging, making it possible to free a small piece of meat and then use the prongs to extract the meat.


Along with the traditional stainless steel models of the lobster pick, a number of casual seafood restaurants make use of hard plastic versions as well. While the lobster pick is designed for use with a lobster, the utensil is also commonly employed with other types of seafood that are served in many family style restaurants. It is possible to use a lobster pick with such entrees as crab, crayfish, and other forms of shellfish.

In fine restaurants, the lobster pick is usually brought to the table with the lobster. In casual restaurants, disposable versions of these versatile seafood picks may be found in the area devoted to condiments, napkins, and other plastic eating utensils. Both the stainless steel and the disposable versions can be purchased at restaurant supply stores, as well as in many fine kitchen shops.


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