What is a Lo-Fat Loaf Pan?

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A lo-fat loaf pan is a specially designed baking pan which allows fat and drippings to drain while food bakes, making the end product lower in fat than it would have been otherwise. These pans come in an assortment of materials and sizes, and they are ideal for baking bread, meatloaf, and other loaf-like dishes in a fat conscious household. The design can change the way that food cooks, however, so it is a good idea to use recipes which are specifically formulated for a lo-fat loaf pan until you get the hang of working with these useful kitchen tools.

Two cooking pans are used collectively to make up a lo-fat loaf pan. One pan is perforated, and it is designed to nest inside a larger solid pan. As the food cooks, drippings drain away through the perforations and into the larger pan. The loaf cooked in the pan will therefore be lower in fat than it would be otherwise. The drippings can be discarded or used to make a sauce or gravy.


Many pans are made from metal, since metal is easy to shape and handle. It is also possible to find ceramic and glass pans designed for low fat cooking, for cooks who desire the crust which forms on foods cooked in these materials. In all cases, it is important to remember that foods cooked in low-fat loaf pans are not inherently “low fat,” their fat content is simply lowered. It is perfectly possible to make foods which are high in fat in a lo-fat loaf pan if you use a fatty recipe.

Because the pan is perforated and double walled, it can change the texture of the resulting foods. Breads may come out with a thinner crust and a lighter crumb, for example. Meatloaf tends to turn dry when cooked in a lo-fat loaf pan, since the fat in the meatloaf drains away, rather than moisturizing the loaf as it cooks. You may need to alter favorite recipes slightly to compensate for the use of a lo-fat loaf pan.

Many kitchen supply stores carry these special loaf pans, and they can also be ordered online. You may want to check the maintenance directions to see whether or not the pan is dishwasher safe, and investigate the perforations in the pan to make sure that they will be easy to clean. If there are grooves or channels, the pan could collect grease and dirt which could be challenging to clean up.


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Post 2

@rundocuri- I bought a lo-fat loaf pan several years ago and I have gotten a lot of use out of it. It is great for meatloaf, but that is not the only dish that you can make in it.

This type of pan is ideal for making a ham loaf. Since ham can be very fattening, using a lo-fat loaf pan for this dish is perfect for draining away excess fat and making the meal better for your health.

You can also use a lo-fat loaf pan to make a seafood loaf. Making this main course is similar to making any meatloaf recipe, except you use your favorite fish, like salmon, in place of ground beef.

Post 1

A lo-fat loaf pan sounds like an idea pan for making healthy dishes. Does anyone have some other ideas for meals to make in this type of pan beside meatloaf?

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