What is a Litterbox Cake?

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A litterbox cake is a joke cake which has been prepared in a way which causes it to look like the contents of a recently used litterbox. When well-executed, a litterbox cake can look alarmingly realistic, but for those who can stomach a slice, the cake is actually quite tasty. This joke cake is quite suitable for Halloween parties, and it can also be served at events held in honor of cat lovers, assuming that they have a sense of humor.

To construct a litterbox cake, cooks will need two cakes, a batch of vanilla cookies, a batch of vanilla pudding, green or blue food coloring, and Tootsie rolls, almond roca, or another candy which closely resembles the feline byproduct commonly found in litterboxes. In addition to these ingredients, a new litterbox and pan liner will be required, along with a pooper scooper for serving.

The cakes used in a litterbox cake can be of any sort; many people like to use vanilla and spice cakes, but one could also use chocolate or other flavors. Try to choose a reasonably crumbly cake recipe, and avoid dense, fudgy cakes. Because the cakes will be broken apart to make the litterbox cake, they can be cooked in pans of any shape and size, and they should be allowed to cool completely before the litterbox cake is assembled.


Start by crumbling the vanilla cookies to a large-grained consistency. Break the cakes up into chunks and mix them with half of the cookies and enough of the pudding for the cake and cookie mixture to be moist enough to pull together. The goal is to glue the ingredients together, not to make a soggy mass, so add the pudding carefully. This mixture should be spooned into the lined litterbox.

Distribute the candy across the top of the cake before sprinkling around half of the cookie crumbs on top; if using Tootsie rolls, consider heating them so that you can shape them into a more realistic form. Mix the other half of the cookie crumbs with food coloring and distribute them across the top of the cake as well; the blue crumbs will mimic the odor absorbing crystals used in many brands of commercial litter.

The litterbox cake should ideally be presented whole before being served, with the pooper scooper on the wide for pulling out wedges of cake. For an added note of realism, a piece of candy may be draped over the side of the litterbox.


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I searched for some pics of this cake and all I can say is EWW!

I guess if the recipient has a great sense of humor this would be a good choice..personally I don't think I could stomach actually taking a bite! It looks very realistic!

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