What is a Lip Gloss Pencil?

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A lip gloss pencil is a pencil that serves as both lip gloss and lip liner. All-in-one beauty products like a lip gloss pencil can streamline the morning cosmetic routine for the wearer. The pencil should flow smoothly across the lips, providing the glossy sheen characteristic of lip glosses. Because lip gloss pencils are tinted with color, they also exhibit some advantages of traditional lipstick. Lip gloss pencils offer the staying power of a lip liner, and the ability to mix and blend colors in order to create a shade that is just right, making them an extremely versatile addition to the buyer's cosmetics box.

Lipstick is a very common type of makeup that comes in a wide variety of brands, colors, and finishes. Traditionally, an individual applies a lip liner as a primer for the cosmetic. Lip liner provides a base coat for the lipstick, defines the outline of the lips, and offers lasting power for the layers of makeup applied on top. Once lip liner and lipstick have been placed on the lips, the makeup wearer might desire the addition of lip gloss as a topcoat. Traditional lip gloss supplies a shine to the lips, and protects the lipstick against wear.


Like traditional lip gloss, the lip gloss pencil is available in a wide assortment of colors. Lip gloss and lip gloss pencils usually provide a more subtle hue than lipstick, which tends to be thicker and highly saturated with color. Lip glosses in all of their forms, including lip gloss pencils, are often fruit-scented and flavored. Lip gloss wears more readily than lipstick and lip liner pencils, and must be applied at regular intervals throughout the day. It is lightweight and smooth without the dry feeling of many lipsticks.

A lip gloss pencil eliminates many of the downfalls of traditional lip gloss. Some lip glosses are dispensed in little pots, requiring the individual to dip in a finger and smooth it across the lips. A lip gloss pencil is applied more like a lip liner, so there is no need for the wearer to dirty a finger in the process. Also, it offers a much greater staying power because it contains a built-in lip liner.

Some people prefer lip cosmetics with a very high sheen. In this event, a lip gloss pencil can be applied underneath a more traditional lip gloss. Lip gloss pencils generally have subtle color and a light shine. Layering lip gloss pencil with regular lip gloss can provide a dramatic effect, while maintaining a softer look than lip liner.


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