What is a Lingerie Hanger?

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Silky, satiny lingerie sure feels good. Delicate fabrics like these need to be treated with care, however. That means you’ll need to use a lingerie hanger if you plan to hang them in your closet.

A lingerie hanger is padded so that the wire on the hanger doesn’t wrinkle, stretch or poke through the garment. The “hook” part of a lingerie hanger is also padded, though not as thickly as the rest of the hanger. It may sound funny, but a lingerie hanger pampers your garments, leaving them in pristine condition so they always look and feel good. Since regular wire and wooden hangers can cause a garment’s fabric to weaken, it’s best not to use them. A wire hanger can also rust, causing your delicates to stain.

The padding on a lingerie hanger is usually made of foam with a satin casing. Keep in mind that the satin part will be touching your lingerie. Many lingerie hangers also come with a potpourri or cedar sachet to put over the hanger to keep moths and other insects away from your garments.

If you’re not sure where to purchase a linger hanger, don’t fret. At many fine lingerie stores, the hanger comes with the garment. If it doesn’t, you can purchase it separately, and many believe it to be worth the extra expense. Lingerie hangers can also be found in department stores and discount marts, as well as online.


A lingerie hanger doesn’t only protect undergarments and nightgowns. Use it to protect wool sweaters and silk and satin blouses. Just as it does with your sexy underthings, a lingerie hanger will keep other delicates from stretching, tearing or becoming weak. For more lingerie care and storage tips, read the garment’s label or contact the manufacturer.

If you’d rather not use a lingerie hanger, you don’t have to. Lingerie can also be stored in dresser drawers. Again, because most lingerie is made of delicate fabric, you’ll need to pack the garment with care.

You can also purchase special drawers or lingerie chests to keep your delicates well protected and out of harm's way. Many choose to pack their lingerie with a cedar block to keep the garments fresh and protect them from insects. Tissue paper between each garment will also offer protection.

Nothing feels better than slipping into silky, satiny lingerie. Don’t you owe it to yourself, and your garments, to keep them well protected?


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