What is a "Light at the End of the Tunnel"?

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The metaphor light at the end of the tunnel generally refers to the first glimmer of hope or the first sign of rescue from a desperate or hopeless set of circumstances. People trapped inside a real underground tunnel or cave often become discouraged after hours of walking in complete darkness and uncertainty. Spotting a light would be a sign their struggles would soon be over and escape would now be possible.

Metaphorically speaking, a light at the end of the tunnel would signal the end of uncertainty or doubt. A sudden upswing in the stock market, for example, could be characterized using this metaphor as a hopeful sign to investors struggling through an economy in recession. A decision to withdraw troops from a war zone could also be seen as a light at the end of the tunnel for soldiers' families concerned about their safety. It is usually considered the first sign of a positive change in a course or outcome.


It is important to note that the first light at the end of the tunnel is not necessarily a guarantee of a more positive outcome. There still could be a number of obstacles to overcome or crucial decisions to make before the source of the light is reached. As a more cynical expression suggests, the light may turn out to be a train. The significance of the first sign of light is a much-needed suggestion of hope, which often motivates people to keep moving with a renewed sense of purpose.

Tunnels are often seen as man made structures, carved out of mountainsides or underground passages for a higher purpose. The supposition is that most tunnels do have an entrance and an exit, but following the path towards those exits can be a long and frustrating experience. After hours of walking through a dark, cold tunnel, it is easy to see why the first glimmer of light would be considered inspirational. The metaphor of finding hope at the end of a long, difficult journey is indeed comparable to glimpsing the light at the end of a real tunnel.


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Post 6

I dreamed that I was in snow trying to get some clean snow for snow cream, but I did not know how to make snow cream. So I was still trying to get the clean snow and in so I found a smiley face like the sun with a stick on it. Then I saw to my left a tunnel go through. Halfway, the tunnel turned to the right and a light came in at the end. I don't know what it means. Help me to understand.

Post 5

@umbra21 - I'm sure some people are thinking of that metaphor when they talk about how there's always a light at the end of the tunnel, but it works just as well without the spiritual aspect. As anyone who has been caving can attest, it is incredible, that feeling of seeing natural light again after being in the dark for so long.

I've known people who have gone through some tough times, including myself and this phrase can really help. The other one that I think is worth living by is "This too, shall end." If you apply that one to both good situations and bad ones, you'll appreciate the good times more, and know the bad ones aren't always going to be there (the tunnel doesn't go on forever).

Post 4

I've actually always thought it referred to the near death experiences that people describe where they see a light and feel compelled to go towards it. The light at the end of the tunnel is just one way in which this light has been described.

I did know that the phrase referred to the glimmer of good things coming at the end of a long, difficult period but again, I thought this was a spiritual metaphor, referring to the drudgery of daily living and the relief a person might feel after a long life, being welcomed into Heaven (or whatever form of afterlife they believe in).

Post 3

Thank you, this article really helped me with my debate on "There is a light at the end of a tunnel." I know right, it's a crappy topic, but thanks anyway.

Post 2

the phrase "light at the end of a tunnel" means death by train is probably imminent.

Post 1

the phrase is, "it could be the light of an oncoming train."

The implication is that instead of being about to make good your escape, you are instead in danger of being run over.

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