What is a Lawn Mower Lift?

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A lawn mower lift is a tool used by mechanics and home owners to lift traditional stand up lawn mowers and riding lawn mowers into the air to perform maintenance or repairs on them. This tool is generally used as a safe alternative to home made ways of lifting the lawn mower. These service lifts can generally be purchased online or at home and garden stores.

Most professionals in the lawn mower repair industry make use of a lawn mower lift to assist them in fixing their lawn mowers. A lot of the work that needs to be done on a mower will be done underneath it. The blades will need to be cleaned, sharpened, and replaced every once in a while. Oil changes will have to be done occasionally as well, generally every 100 hours of operation. The use of a lift can make these maintenance repairs much easier to deal with.

In order to change a lawn mower tire, the mower will have to be lifted into the air. A lawn mower lift allows the owner or professional repairman to do this safely. The lift provides better access to the tires as well, making the job a bit easier to perform.


To save time and money, a lawn mower owner might wish to purchase a lawn mower lift for his personal shop or garage. The owner will then be able to perform routine maintenance and service on his own mower. This may allow him to save a lot of money in the long run because he will not need to pay a professional for the time it takes to repair the lawn mower.

Safety is often an important issue for lawn mower owners who wish to perform their own lawn mower maintenance. Many will attempt to substitute home made lifts for an official lawn mower lift. One popular choice is using car ramps to lift the lawn mower into the air. This can be dangerous for the owner because a lawn mower can easily slip off a car ramp and hurt him while he is underneath it. This also is likely to cause damage to the mower.

Most often, a lawn mower lift can be purchased at a home and garden store. For a better variety of choices in brands, this type of tool is also available for purchase online. Occasionally, it may also be cheaper for a person to purchase a lift online rather than in a store.


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