What is a Law Label?

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A law label is a label attached to a mattress, upholstered furnishing, or stuffed product. The label provides disclosure information about the composition of the product in order to comply with product labeling laws. In the United States, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulates the sale and trade of various consumer goods and a number of states require law labels for products regulated by the FTC. In states that require law labels, the label must be attached to the product at the time of purchase so that the consumer can inspect it before buying.

Several pieces of information are provided on a law label. The first is a description of the materials used and a disclosure to indicate whether the contents are new or recycled. In the case of biological materials like down, a law label also indicates whether or not the filling is sterilized. The label also carries a product registration number and can include other information that may be required by law, such as where the product was made or when it was manufactured.


These labels must be durable. Popularly, they are made with tyvek, a very strong material that will not fade or flake. Other materials such as fabric can be used if the printing will remain durable while the product is in use. The printing is typically black and large so that it can be clearly read and the law requires that law labels be written in plain English. Firms that specialize in designing and printing law labels can do the work for a company to ensure that its products comply with the law.

One notable feature of this legally required tag is the warning that it cannot be removed by anyone other than the consumer. Some people believe, erroneously, that even consumers cannot remove law labels, thanks to the sternness and bold print of the warning about tag removal. Consumers are in fact more than welcome to take the label off although this can sometimes be difficult. It is also important to be aware that the label is sometimes needed to make a claim on a product warranty, so the law label should be stored in a safe place.

Law labels provide people with useful information about the materials in the products they buy. People with allergies use such labels to avoid potential allergens. The law label also allows people to see if something is made from new or used materials. Some consumers prefer all new materials because they are concerned about the possibility of contamination from the previous use.


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