What is a Laundry Sink?

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A laundry sink, which may also be called a utility sink or laundry tub, is a useful and not very expensive addition to the laundry room or to rooms like mudrooms and basements. Though the sinks can vary in size, most of the basins are over a foot (.31 meters) deep. They make for excellent places to hand wash or soak clothing, and they’re also very practical for things like mopping floors or washing smaller animals.

In the past the standard laundry sink was a large white tub that wasn’t particularly attractive. The best that could be said of it was that it was utilitarian in purpose. This has changed with a growing appreciation for these sinks. There are now numerous types made in lots of different materials. Materials used can include porcelain, glass, and stone.

It was very common up until recently, to attach a large laundry sink to a back wall, and it might have a few feet to keep it stabilized. Now they aren’t necessarily simply attached to a back wall. Instead, the sinks can be on pedestals, inset into cabinets or vanities, or they can be vessel sinks on stands. Though called a laundry sink, installing a beautiful deep vessel sink in a mudroom, which may be the point of entry to a home, can make a lovely design statement.


However, many people are thinking more about practicality when they’re outfitting a laundry room, and there is good news here. The simpler deep sinks of the past are still available widely. They’re also very low in price. It’s quite possible to get one for under or just slightly over $100 US Dollars (USD). Most people will find the best supply of laundry sink choices at local hardware or home improvement stores, and they can look at the fancier sinks in these locations too.

Choosing the laundry sink is fairly easy, but installing it may be more complicated. The sink will need to be connected to a water source, which could mean accessing piping behind the walls or figuring out where one can be placed. The sink also needs to drain, and this may require constructing a drain. Those who already have a laundry sink they’re replacing are in luck since they won’t have to change the plumbing or piping in the house. On the other hand, those people with little building knowledge, who don’t have the necessary pipes and water source, may want to contact a plumber about installing the sink.


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A laundry sink can be a really handy edition to any basement laundry room. It gives you a place to rinse off clothes or rags, apply stain treater, wash your hands, and generally have a work area with water beside your washer and dryer.

I had my husband install one in our laundry room almost a decade ago. It was an easy job and completely worth it.

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