What is a Laundry Cupboard?

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A laundry cupboard is a cupboard or cabinet that contains the laundry equipment, linens, materials, and various other items that are used when doing laundry. In addition to having washing machines, linen dryers, ironing boards, and basins or sinks, the laundry cupboard is necessary for storage. The laundry cupboard makes the area more attractive and functional. There are different types that are designed to meet individual laundry needs; such as overhead cupboards, washer and dryer cupboards, and various others types and sizes.

When installing a laundry cupboard, it is necessary to consider some factors that will affect the results that are achieved. The first factor is the budget which will determine whether a ready made, or custom made, cupboard is purchased. The latter will cost more but will fully satisfy any specific needs. The space available within the laundry area will also have to be analyzed because this will dictate whether the ability to store items such as the washing machine, the dryer, brooms and mops, clean and dirty clothes, and other washing aids is present. If the space has no limitations, it will be possible to install deeper and taller types of laundry cupboards that can hold various extra items.


The function of the laundry cupboard must be considered because it can be the storage place for cleaning agents, cleaning equipment, solvents, and clean and dirty clothes. Depending on the individual circumstances, the type of cupboard purchased can be decided upon. The contents of the laundry storage cabinet must be kept safe from theft and away from children within the house to avoid accidents. They should be locked and accessible to only authorized people. Also, when using a laundry cupboard, it is important that safety be observed. If the laundry has steam or water spills on the floor and walls, it is imperative to have the cupboards insulated in order to prevent electrical mishaps.

Another factor that should be considered when installing a laundry cupboard is to consider its effect on the value of the house. A good looking functional cupboard will increase the resale value of the house because it is considered to be an addition to the house that is practical and usable. In some circumstances it can even lower the monthly payments of insurance since the chemicals are stored in a sealed unit, there is a decrease in the chance of fires or accidental poisoning from occurring.


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