What Is a Laundry Bag?

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A laundry bag is a bag used for transporting laundry, such as to a laundromat, or coin laundry. Some bags are also used as hampers in places where there may not be much room for a hamper. Hampers are often quite tall, made of plastic or metal and sit in a closet. A laundry bag usually takes up less room than a hamper since it can be hung on the back of a door or inside a closet or even on a hook on a wall.

Many bags have a drawstring cord closure that is loosened to add or remove clothes to the bag and tightened to carry clothes to and from the laundry facility. The bag can be slung over the shoulder much like Santa Claus is often illustrated holding a bag of gifts over one shoulder. Some people prefer the type of laundry bag that is styled after a backpack. Backpacks have two straps that fit under the arms and around the shoulders. They may have a drawstring, snap or zipper closure and the clothing is carried on the back which conveniently leaves both hands free.

Compartments to hold laundry soap, fabric softener, stain remover, coins and other supplies are a part of some bags. A basic bag just has room for clothing and/or linens. A laundry bag is a good alternative to a laundry basket.


Laundry baskets are often open containers made from natural plant materials or from plastics. Open baskets for carrying dirty laundry to the washing machine and clean laundry from the dryer usually work well for those with laundry facilities in their homes. For people that either drive or walk to a neighborhood laundromat, however, a laundry bag may be more practical than a basket. Laundry baskets usually require two hands to carry them, so opening doors to get to the laundry facilities probably means that the basket will have to be set down each time a door needs to be opened or closed. Laundry baskets of clothes and linens tend to tip over quite easily in a car, while a properly closed bag keeps the items inside the bag.

When camping at a campsite with coin laundry facilities, a laundry bag is a practical choice since these laundromats are likely to require outdoor access. If it rains, the laundry will stay drier in bags than in open baskets. Plus, a bag is likely to take up less room in a tent or camper than a basket or hamper would. College students taking laundry home on weekends or holiday breaks may also find transporting their laundry in bags easier than in open baskets.


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It's not just college students who use laundry bags! People who don't have washers and dryers in their homes may also need to use laundry bags to transport their clothes to a laundromat, or to wherever they wash their clothes.

I like a mesh bag that has a sturdy strap on it. That's handy for carrying the laundry over your shoulder, and also carrying a basket or another bag, depending on how much laundry we have to do at any one time. I also like a drawstring that locks, so the bag doesn't come open at an inopportune moment.

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