What Is a Laser Comb?

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A laser comb is a comb that, although used similarly to a regular comb, emits light from a low-level laser. The light from the comb is supposed to prevent hair loss or promote hair growth. Use of this device is somewhat controversial, as results vary from person to person.

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved use of laser combs as a form of phototherapy. Approval from the FDA means that tests of these combs have proven relatively safe with few to no harmful side effects and that at least some individuals have seen positive results with their hair. This is not the same as a guarantee that this device will work for everyone. In fact, physicians have pointed out that even though lasers can stimulate existing follicles, they cannot create new ones and thus cannot remedy hair thinness or baldness that is the result of a lack of healthy follicles in the skin. They also have asserted that, for this reason, laser combs are best used as a preventative hair-loss treatment before thinning is severe.


Despite criticisms, laser combs are popular because, unlike other hair loss treatments, they are noninvasive. They also do not involve chemicals. Even though some models can run into the thousands of dollars, low- to mid-grade models may cost less than what one might spend on creams, shampoos or other procedures over time. Proponents of these combs have claimed that the combs have the ability to gently increase blood flow to the follicle, which contributes to the health of the follicle and thus to hair growth. The portability of hair combs also is an asset.

Both women and men may use a laser comb, although the device is designed and FDA-approved for men. The devices are designed to be used regularly, up to two or three times per week. Duration of sessions depends on how many lasers the comb has, as well as the intensity of those lasers.

A laser comb is intended for use on the scalp. Even so, doctors have experimented with combining laser comb use with other hair loss remedies like topical creams on other skin sections such as those associated with beards. These studies have produced promising results, but because so many variables are involved with hair growth, physicians cannot offer a guarantee to a patient that hair absolutely will grow.


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