What Is a Lasagnette?

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Lasagnette is a thinner variant of the classic Italian noodle, lasagna. Various forms of dishes using this pasta differ, but the common ingredient is a thin, flat noodle, often with the same ribbed or curved edges of the wider lasagna noodle. In many parts of the world where Italian cooking has become popular, more people know about lasagna than the relatively obscure lasagnette.

Modern recipes using the thinner pasta often come in two different forms. In one version, the cook is simply using the thinner pasta to create a thinner dish in the traditional lasagna style, that is, with the noodles lying on top of one another, sandwiching various ingredients in between. In a different style of lasagnette, the thin noodles are tossed on the plate with other elements.

Either style of lasagnette dish comes with many of the classic Italian tastes that fans of this traditional cuisine have come to expect. Common flavorings include adding items like basil, pesto, garlic, or tomato added to olive oil, a staple in Italian cooking. Sea salt and pepper are also frequently used, and grated parmesan, an overall staple, puts in the occasional appearance in these kinds of dishes.


In terms of other main elements, uses of the thinner pasta noodle that mimic the larger lasagna preparation tend to have the same types of fillings made popular in the wider noodle dish. These include ricotta cheese, other cheeses like mozzarella, and tomato sauce. In addition, some recipes include a meat sauce, usually ground beef and tomato sauce. Other variants will be vegetarian, where vegetables like spinach substitute for the meat element.

The tossed lasagnette dishes can have some other more exotic elements on the plate. Some of these include rich vegetable elements like pumpkin, squash, or eggplant. Chevre, or goat cheese, and another flavorful cheeses may also be included. Herbs such as parsley and oregano may come as a garnish or as a blended ingredient.

In some forms of modern cuisine, Italian cooking provides a common foundation, meaning that items like lasagnette may be more likely to get discovered in a particular culinary community. This thinner version of the lasagna pasta has been featured in the cookbooks of famous modern chefs who have competed in some of the most visible television cooking competitions in recent history. This and other prominent uses of these Italian dishes may drive its continued popularity, along with a broader understanding of how these noodles, and their respective uses, differ.


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