What Is a Kosta Boda Vase?

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Kosta Boda vases are steeped in history and help showcase some of the most celebrated glassmakers of the past and present. These pieces of art can be found throughout the world, including museum displays. Kosta Boda vases are handcrafted, and each one reflects the various skills and talents of the individual glassmakers.

The company was founded in 1742 in Sweden. Since then, Kosta Boda has expanded to include many other locations. The many designers that work with the company stem from diverse backgrounds and have a passion for the beauty of glass arts.

Museums are just one place collectors and glass aficionados can find a Kosta Boda vase. Collections can be seen at various museums around the world, including museums in the United States, France, and Germany. The Kosta Boda vase and other glass art pieces are typically part of exhibits on Swedish glass design and other glass arts exhibitions.

Artisans work together to produce the final product. Collaborative efforts include the work of the designers and artisans skilled in glassblowing, painting, and engraving. Each Kosta Boda vase is handmade.

Various lines of Kosta Boda vases exist, and each is unique. The variations in the lines help attract a diverse group of clients and customers. The Atoll, Bali, and Catwalk are just a few of the lines available for purchase. Other lines include Underworld, Wildlife, and Floating Flowers. Each line is named appropriately after the source of inspiration and concept.


The Atoll line of Kosta Boda vases derives inspiration from the coral reefs located in the South Pacific. Each piece is handcrafted and displays vivid swirls of color. Sticking with the handcrafted tradition of Kosta Boda, the color is hand-applied to the glass.

Bali, the tropical paradise, is the inspiration for the Bali Kosta Boda vase line. Each piece features a heart motif and colors typically found in the tropics. Celebrations, such as weddings and anniversaries, are good opportunities for these vases because they showcase a heart theme.

Truly unique, the Catwalk vase collection derives inspiration from the fashion community. Vases are shaped to depict the curves of the human body. They feature paintings of various fashion-based images, such as women in dresses.

Lines such as the Underworld, Wildlife, and Floating Flowers use technical glassmaking techniques to depict elements of the natural world. Fish and flowers in particular come to life in these collections. In addition to depicting the natural world, the colors of the vases are also inspired by those commonly found in the natural world.


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