What is a Knedle?

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A knedle is a traditional Polish fruit-filled dumpling that is most often stuffed with plums. This dumpling variant is made using potato dough which is wrapped around the fruit by hand. A knedle is cooked in boiling water and served with sugar or cinnamon sprinkled over it. Knedles are often served as a sweet dinner or for dessert and are supposed to be quite filling. They are a popular dish in the fall when plums are in season and can be prepared with alternate fruit in other seasons.

Traditionally a knedle is a Polish dish, although many countries have their own versions of potato dumplings. They are similar to pierogi, but with a sweet fruit filling instead of a savory one like pierogi uses. Knedles are made using a potato dough and can be filled with a variety of different fruits, although the most popular version is stuffed with whole plums and called knedle sa sljivama.

To make potato dough for a knedle, the potatoes need to be peeled, boiled, and mashed or finely ground. Then egg, oil, and a bit of salt is mixed in thoroughly. After that, flour is gradually added until dough with a firm consistency is formed. The dough is usually wrapped around fruit filling, most often whole plums.


If knedles are stuffed with plums, they are usually pitted by slicing them in half and removing the pit. Often a teaspoon of sugar is put into the hollow where the pit used to be. Then the plums are wrapped in a layer of potato dough. The dumplings are dropped into boiling water to cook; they are boiled for a while after they begin to float and until the fruit softens.

Knedles are usually served hot and can be topped with melted butter and sprinkled with sugar or cinnamon. They can also be covered in crumb topping or served with sweet cream sauce. The dumplings are often consumed as a sweet dinner or as a dessert. They are supposed to be a very filling, especially when prepared with whole plums, and have been called sweet and satisfying by those who enjoy them.

In Poland, a knedle is a popular dish in the fall when plums are in season. Knedles are prepared using alternate fruit in other seasons. Another alternative is to prepare the dumplings with plums in the fall and then freeze them uncooked. They should last frozen for quite a while, can be boiled without thawing them first, and can be eaten through the winter and spring.


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