What is a Kitchen Shower?

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Also known as a kitchen bridal shower, the kitchen shower is a simple gift-giving party aimed at assisting a bride-to-be in the task of stocking a kitchen. The idea behind this type of shower is to provide the newlyweds with all sorts of practical and useful utensils, supplies, and appliances that can be employed in the task of food preparation. A kitchen shower may also provide decorative touches along with the practical, such as including textiles like napkins and kitchen curtains.

While this type of bridal shower has traditionally been for women only, cultural changes in many countries around the world have opened the way for husbands-to-be to also be included as a guest of honor. This shift reflects the fact that many men spend more time in the kitchen preparing food than in decades. Thus, this form of a bridal shower party has come to be known by the more gender-neutral term of kitchen shower.


As with any type of shower, organizers of a kitchen shower attempt to determine the tastes of the newlyweds as well as some idea of their favorite foods to prepare at home. Knowledge of this type can often provide attendees with helpful ideas on what types of kitchen supplies to purchase for the new couple. For example, if the couple enjoy stir-fried dishes, gifting them with a wok would be an excellent choice. For couples who like simple meals involving casseroles and perhaps a garden salad, covered casserole dishes accompanied with a durable but attractive salad set would be in order.

Friends and others who plan on participating in the kitchen shower will also be interested in any ideas the newlyweds have for the décor of the kitchen. When it is known that the couple intends to use a kitchen theme that includes apples, it becomes an easy task to locate dishcloths, cozies, and kitchen curtains that will fit into the kitchen theme. There is also a good chance that such fun items as apple-shaped salt and pepper shakers can be located as well.

As with all types of showers, the idea behind a kitchen shower is to provide the newlyweds with items they will need to set up housekeeping. Since the kitchen is often one of the more important rooms in the home, the idea of a kitchen-themed shower just makes sense. By knowing the couple’s likes and dislikes when it comes to preparing food and having some idea of the decorating theme the couple have in mind for the space, it is possible to provide a wide range of gifts that will help the new household get off to a great start.


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@Phaedrus, the thing I like about kitchen showers is there is almost always something a guest can afford to bring. Boxes of pasta are inexpensive, but many young couples appreciate having them around during the first few months of marriage. Cookbooks can also be deeply discounted after newer editions are released. Food containers suitable for left-overs are also popular and relatively inexpensive. It's hard for two people to gauge how much food to make for dinner, so there are almost always left-overs to deal with.

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We have misplaced a lot of our wedding shower gifts over the years, but we still have most of our kitchen shower gifts after 25 years of marriage. One relative bought us an entire set of lidded saucepans, which are the workhorses in our kitchen. Another friend gave us a full set of glass measuring cups and metal measuring spoons. They've held up very well compared to the plastic ones I used as a bachelor.

I think a kitchen shower is an ideal opportunity for several relatives or friends to pool their resources on an expensive piece of kitchen equipment. For my cousin's wedding, all of the first cousins chipped in and bought a professional grade stand mixer with all of the attachments. His wife actually started a small catering business because of that mixer. She made her own gourmet cookies and cupcakes.

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