What Is a King Size Pillow Case?

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A king size pillow case serves the same function as a standard size pillowcase; the only difference is in the size. Pillow cases labeled king size are typically a few inches longer and deeper than their standard-sized counterparts. Their dimensions are larger so that they can easily accommodate king size pillows. This type of oversize pillow case can be purchased individually or sold packaged with a set of king size bed sheets.

Thanks to its larger dimensions, a king sized pillow case can be used for king or standard size pillows. To use a king size pillow case with a standard pillow, the pillow is inserted, and then the excess fabric is tucked inside the pillowcase. A standard size pillow case won't work with a king size pillow case; a few inches of the pillow will stick out from the open end of the case.

A typical king size pillow measures 20 inches by 36 inches, making it almost 10 inches longer than a standard size pillow. The ideal case for a king size pillow is 2 to 3 inches larger than the pillow, so most king size pillow case styles measure 22 inches by 38 inches. Different manufacturers may offer slightly different measurements for a king size pillow case model.


Any design or decoration that can be added to a standard size pillow case can be used for a king size pillow case as well. Additions designed to run the length or width of the pillow case will need to be cut slightly longer due to the increased dimensions of the king size pillow case. In many cases, a standard pillow case can be converted to a king size pillow case by adding a border to the opening edge.

Ideally, a pair of king size pillow cases will cover the top of a king size bed when placed side by side. Most king size beds will need three standard pillows to completely cover the width of the bed. Following the care directions on the pillow case label is the best way to properly launder king size cases. Different pillow cases may be made from different textiles and trims, so following the included directions is the best way to keep king size cases looking their best.

Oversize or king size pillow cases can be found anywhere bed linens are sold. This type of specialty pillow case may be included in the pillowcase section or shelved with the king size bed sheets. If a specific design is needed, purchasing an extra case or an extra pair is a good way to ensure a case will always be on hand at home.


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