What Is a King Parrot?

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King parrots are a type of parrot that are native to parts of Australia and the surrounding areas. In the wild, these colorful birds spend most of their time in wet forests, but they have been known inhabit populated areas as well. The bright colors of king parrots make them much sought-after exotic pets. Unlike some other pet parrots, however, these parrots may be a bit standoffish.

There are three species of king parrots, and they are very similar to each other. The Australian king parrot, however, is generally a little larger than the other species. The other two, somewhat lesser known species, include the Papuan king parrot and the Moluccan king parrot.

As its name suggests, the Australian king parrot can be found in Australia, particularly in the eastern half of the continent. Papuan king parrots, on the other hand are typically found primarily in Papua, New Guinea, which is off the northeastern coast of Australia. Moluccan king parrots, on the other hand, can be found in parts of Australia, New Guinea, Indonesia, and a number of small islands in the area.

Most king parrot species typically inhabit damp woodland areas with dense growth. Some of their favorite habitats include sub-tropical rainforests and mountainous woodlands. In areas populated by humans, however, it is not unusual to see a king parrot or a group of king parrots. They will often hang around these areas to snatch up food scraps.


The king parrot is one of the most colorful parrots. The heads and bodies of these birds are usually bright red, while their wings and tails are often bright green. Some species and subspecies may even have some blue on their wings, backs, or tails. The male and female Moluccan king parrots are very similar in color, but the female Papuan and Australian king parrots generally have a duller coloring.

Since they are so brightly colored, a number of bird owners seek out king parrots for pets. They are also quieter than other parrots. These types of parrots are generally not considered as affectionate as other parrots, though. Once they are tame, however, king parrots do have the ability to learn a few parrot tricks, including talking.

When kept in captivity, the king parrot needs a large cage or other type of bird enclosure. They also have a tendency to get bored easily, and toys and other types of entertainment should also be provided. King parrot owners should also spend time with their birds every day. This will keep the bird from getting bored, but it will also help the owner and the bird bond.


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