What Is a Kids' Nail Salon?

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A kids’ nail salon is a place designed specifically for children to get manicures, pedicures, and other salon services. This type of establishment is generally decorated with children in mind and usually has child-sized fixtures. Parents often take their children to a place like this as a special treat or for a party, although it is not uncommon for some kids to be regular patrons. A business like this usually offers treatments for both boys and girls.

The basic services that might be offered by a kids’ nail salon are manicures, pedicures, and nail painting. These might include fun scented products, brightly colored paints, all performed on child-sized equipment. The services are generally performed just as they are for adults, but usually do not include any harsh or chemical treatments. Some facilities are set up to accommodate both adults and children for special occasions such as a daughter’s fun day out with her mom.

Many existing traditional salons are converted into kids’ salons. This is typically the case since the facility already has many of the fixtures and layouts needed. In order to be really successful as a kids’ nail salon, many owners find it necessary to decorate the space in bright colors, using lots of accessories and decorations, to really create a fun experience for the patrons. This sometimes adds a rather large expense to the startup of the business.


A big component of the business plan for a kids’ nail salon might be hosting parties. These can be for birthdays, scout achievements, or any other special occasion. A minimum number of attendees is usually set, and all of the children are treated to the services offered. Little extras might accompany the experience such as fun drinks, special props, or dress-up items. Some places have rooms set aside specifically for parties.

In addition to nail services, a kids’ nail salon might also offer a few other select activities such as makeup application, dress-up clothing, or hair styling. While the primary focus is still on nail services, the others are designed to enhance the experience if a customer so desires. It might be possible for customers to put together custom salon packages to save a bit of money on a combination of services.

Many establishments charge a premium for these services. Customers are paying for the entire experience of frequenting the kids’ nail salon, not just for the act itself. Charging more generally allows a business owner to continue offering special treatments in a special setting.


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