What is a Keyword Database?

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A keyword is either a word or a phrase that is entered into a search engine in order to find web page results that match the user’s purpose, which may be to get information, to make a purchase, to be entertained, or something else. A keyword database is a collection of keywords that includes data about each keyword that helps webmasters and others understand a keyword’s popularity and value. Some keyword databases provide only information on how frequently the keyword has been searched for in a given time period, while others provide more information.

The keyword database is a tool used for several different purposes. It is used by site owners who are working on the aspect of search engine optimization known as keyword optimization. Webmasters use keywords on the site to characterize the content, service, or product they offer in the way that will draw the most traffic to their site. Many websites can be represented by a variety of keywords, some of which are more potent than others, and the webmaster is likely to use a keyword database that displays frequency and share of searches in order to determine which of the possible keywords to focus on.


The keyword database is also a tool used by people creating Internet advertising. For example, Google AdWords offers keyword-targeted ads for webmasters to use to advertise their site, products, or services. The keyword database is an aid to choosing the keywords for which your ads will appear. A specialized keyword database, such as Google AdWords Keyword Tool, which will tell you which keyword ideas are not yet being used in your AdWords account, the ad share the keyword has, and a bid that will place your advertisement among the top search results.

The keyword database is also used by people who are assigning web articles. The tool helps them to pick keywords that are frequent subjects of searches, as well as to suggest related keywords that might be incorporated into the article. Even if the topic of the article is already known, the keyword database may provide information that will help make the choice between, say, “educator,” “teacher,” “instructor” and “faculty member”—synonyms that may be used interchangeably in many instances, but may make a significant difference in who finds the article.

The article writer may use various forms of the keyword and a number of related words, in order to create an article that will easily be found by users searching for information on the keyword. This will depend on the particular article topic and other factors.


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