What is a Keyboard Platform?

Nicole Madison
Nicole Madison

A keyboard platform, also called a keyboard tray, is a type of platform used to hold a computer keyboard. Typically, keyboard platforms attach beneath the main surface of a desk or workstation. Some keyboard platforms are fixed in place, while others allow users to adjust the height and position of their keyboard.

Man holding computer
Man holding computer

An adjustable keyboard platform can be helpful if you sit at your computer for long periods of time. The repeated use of a keyboard platform that does not allow for the proper positioning of your hands and body could lead to an increased risk of repetitive-stress injury. For this reason, many individuals choose to purchase adjustable keyboard platforms instead of placing their keyboards on a flat desk surface.

There are many types of keyboard platforms on the market today. They range in price from those designed for the budget conscious to higher-end platforms. The price a consumer can expect to pay is influenced by the adjustment method and durability of the platform, as well as any additional features.

When you’re in the market for a keyboard platform, start with an examination of your desk or work surface. Your desk should be high enough to allow for a decent amount of knee space, even with the keyboard platform attached. It is wise to choose a keyboard platform that allows for easy height adjustment.

To allow for good body positioning, it is best to choose a keyboard platform that will allow you to adjust its angle as well. For computer keyboarding, a slight negative incline or a completely flat position is ergonomically better than a positive tilt. It may also prove beneficial to select a keyboard platform that includes an adjustable arm for changing position, allowing you to push it under your work surface completely if desired.

Some keyboard platforms have mouse platforms attached. If several different people will use your keyboard platform, you may wish to choose one with a mouse platform capable of sliding to either side. This model accommodates both right-handed and left-handed individuals.

Once you’ve chosen a keyboard platform, be sure to install and adjust it to allow for your arms and hands to be lined up with your wrists. When keyboarding, keep your shoulders in a relaxed position and make certain to keep your wrists straight or positioned with a slight negative incline. Additionally, you should adjust your posture frequently to prevent the development of keyboarding-related injuries.

Nicole Madison
Nicole Madison

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