What is a Keepsake Album?

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A keepsake album, or "memory book," is similar to a scrapbook or photo album, although it is not just for pictures. It is intended for displaying other mementos and memorabilia as well, such as certificates, awards and other items of importance, in an attractive, easy to handle format. It can be shared with others or simply used for a personal stroll down Memory Lane from time to time. There are many types and styles to choose from, many designed for specific occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, holidays, vacations, the birth of a baby or a child's achievements during his or her years at school.

A keepsake album may also be used to document genealogy or a person's lifetime accomplishments. It may have pockets behind photo pages to keep awards and certificates in place, or in the case of a school album, a place to stash report cards, achievement awards and other mementos. The front cover often has a space for a photo, which will make can indicate the contents of the album even if there is no printed title.


Baby books usually begin with a newborn picture, then show updated pictures and notes regarding baby's milestones throughout the album. Albums for weddings usually begin with a photo of the happy bride and groom, but may also include pictures of both as children, as well as pictures of family, friends and members of the wedding party. Inside, the bride may decide to keep a collection of dried flowers from the wedding and one of her invitations.

For a child, you might want to create a sports keepsake album with team photos, listings of scores for each game, ribbons or awards, and perhaps a swatch or the entire jersey from each uniform. An album for dance or musical recitals would also be nice, as would one filled with memorabilia from other extra curricular activities or community service, or one filled with a child's artwork.

Another great use for a keepsake album is to document the building or renovation of a home with organized "before and after" pictures, notes and other details, such as when construction began and when it was completed. Also, don't discount the use of a keepsake album in the business world to document a person's climb up the ladder during his or her career.

A keepsake album doesn't necessarily have to be a hard copy either. There are software programs available to help collect and save photos and details so you can create an album on your computer, or even publish it online to share with distant family and friends.


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Post 2

I put together keepsake albums for each of my kids. This forced me to keep track of the pictures through the years and stay somewhat organized with everything. Each one began as a baby album, but quickly turned in to more than one album as they grew.

These make great family memories to keep or to give to each child on a special day when they are grown. It is easy to get overwhelmed with all the events and pictures as they grow, but I tried to be consistent so when graduation came I was not overwhelmed with sorting through piles of undated pictures.

Post 1

My parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary a few years ago, and I had a keepsake album put together for them. In the album I included pictures of them when they began dating, their wedding and several memorable occasions along the way including pictures of all the kids and grand kids.

Before the celebration I asked people to share some kind of memory they had of my parents, and I included these in the album. I then added pictures of the special day and presented it to them shortly after the anniversary party.

I think any kind of keepsake book like this makes a great memory for any special event, and it is nice to have it all organized and kept in one place.

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