What is a Kangaroo Pouch Pocket?

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Many people know that kangaroos have pouches, although not everyone understands exactly how these unique stomach pockets are utilized. At the same time, not everyone may be aware that the kangaroo has served as the inspiration for a simple clothing accessory that is found in the wardrobes of quite a number of people. Her is some background on the original kangaroo pouch pocket as well as the useful attire that this natural pocket has inspired.

More properly known as a marsupium, the kangaroo pouch pocket provides a place of shelter for the young after they are born. It is important to note that a joey does not emerge from the womb fully developed. Instead, the newborn will crawl into the kangaroo pocket and remain there until developed and strong enough to function independently of the mother.

In essence, the marsupium is simply a fold of hide or skin that makes it easy for the mother to transport and protect the young during these early formative stages. A nipple is also concealed in the pouch, so the joey may nurse while safely protected close to the mother. This kangaroo pouch pocket leaves the hands of the mother free to forage and to defend her young.


The concept of the kangaroo pouch pocket has inspired a couple of important fashion accessories, one of them designed for new mothers. Sometimes referred to as a sling, a loop, or a kangaroo pouch, this garment envelopes the torso of the mother, hanging from one shoulder. This results in a pouch of material in the area of the mother’s abdomen that is ideal for carrying a newborn. Kangaroo pockets can be adjusted so that the child can nurse, if the mother wishes to do so.

Men can also use a fabric kangaroo pouch pocket to carry a son or daughter, while still allowing the hands to be free for other tasks. Some have made the comment that that these kangaroo pouches for humans have made it much easier for nervous fathers to carry their newborns close to them and effect a bond with the child much more quickly.

Another example of a kangaroo pouch pocket in the world of fashion has nothing to do with newborns, but it does have to do with carrying around items. As a pouch that is added to the front of sweatshirts and other casual attire, the kangaroo pouch pocket may have a vertical entrance or a horizontal one. The concept is to create a large pocket that can be used to carry items that will not fit anywhere else. As an example, a man may choose to carry his wallet in the pouch, if the matching sweatpants do not have pockets. Persons of both genders may choose to secret cell phones, portable CD players or radios, or any other small items in the pouch for easy retrieval. As a practical solution for casual wear, the kangaroo pouch pocket cannot be beaten.

Many human innovations take their cues from an element of nature. In the case of the kangaroo pouch pocket, the natural means of caring for a newborn has translated into several practical human inspired products. Whether for carrying infants safely or just for keeping up with items while on a walk, the kangaroo pouch pocket is here to stay.


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