What is a Jumbo Universal Remote?

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A jumbo universal remote is an oversized version of the remote control used by many people to operate televisions, DVD players, and music systems. Like all forms of the universal remote control, this jumbo version is capable of working with products offered by a wide range of manufacturers. In addition to efficient functionality, the oversized body of the remote provides several advantages for different consumers.

The typical jumbo universal remote is roughly the size of an adult human foot. The keyboard on the device sports large keys that are marked with various characters, much like any type of remote control. Durable plastic components are used for the body and keys on the device, allowing the remote to stand up to a lot of wear and tear over the years.

In terms of being universal in application, the jumbo universal remote is usually manufactured to work with a number of makes and models of different electronic devices. Many are capable of controlling a minimum of two devices, such as a television and DVD player. However, some of these oversized remotes are capable of managing up to eight different devices. This means it is possible to use a single remote control to replace several different remotes that are designed for use with a specific device.


Along with the ability to control multiple electronic devices, the jumbo universal remote also offers the benefit of being very easy to locate. Standard sized remote controls are sometimes temporarily lost under a sofa cushion or otherwise misplaced with relative ease. The larger body of the jumbo remote makes it much easier to locate, thus cutting back on the frustration of constantly looking for the remote control.

People with vision problems also find the jumbo universal remote very helpful. Because the characters on each key of the device are easier to read, it is possible to use the device to quickly activate a home stereo system or television without having to hold the device close to the face in order to find the right key. The fact that some brands of oversized remote controls also backlight the keyboard also make it much easier to read the keys and select the appropriate one without a lot of trouble.

A jumbo universal remote control is also helpful for people with limited dexterity. Standard remotes work very well for people who do not suffer with arthritis and can move their fingers with ease, but are difficult to operate when there is some sort of temporary injury or a permanent health issue that impacts the ability to move the fingers freely. The larger keyboard on a jumbo remote makes it much easier to press the right key without accidentally pressing the surrounding keys at the same time.

Fortunately, many brands of the jumbo universal remote are affordable. Budget priced brands are found at many pharmacies as well as discount retail stores. Higher end versions can be purchased at electronics stores and furniture stores that carry televisions and sound systems.


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