What is a Juicer?

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A juicer is a kitchen appliance which is designed to extract juice from fruits and vegetables. Most juicers can also be used to make fruit drinks, and a high quality juicer can be a very useful addition to a kitchen. Many consumers engage in juicing because they believe that it will enhance their health by increasing the amount of vitamins and minerals that they consume. In addition, juicing is fast and relatively easy, especially if you keep fruits and veggies prepared, so it can provide a quick meal or snack.


Although similar to a blender, a juicer is not quite the same. Blenders can be used to make smoothies and other blended drinks which retain all the parts of the fruit or vegetable, while a juicer extracts juice and leaves much of the fiber of the produce behind. There are actually two types of juicers, designed for different purposes, and some consumers use both. Many kitchen supply stores carry a wide assortment of juicers and blenders, and staff can assist you in picking out the juicer which is right for your needs. Be aware that a good juicer can be quite expensive, because juicing is very hard on the motor, and a high-quality juicer is built to last. If you are buying a juicer which uses blades or inserts like a blender, be sure to ask about replacement availability, so that you can replace the blades, rather than the whole juicer, when the blades wear out or cannot be sharpened again.

A masticating juicer chews up the fruits and vegetables which are pushed through it, extracting juice while retaining some fiber as well. Many masticating juicers can be used to make nut butters, pureed foods, and fruit sorbets as well. A masticating juicer tends to be slow, because it extracts as much usable material from the food being fed through it, and it will produce juice, rather than a blended drink like a smoothie. These juicers are suitable for making wheat grass and carrot juice, two popular dietary supplements. Some consumers maintain that the quality of juice is higher with a masticating juicer, although it takes longer.

A centrifugal juicer spins blades around at high speed. The blades often resemble a grater, and are designed to quickly extract juice while routing the pulp out the back of the juicer and into a waste container. Typically, the blades are covered by an enclosure, with a hole to feed fruits and vegetables through. Centrifugal juicers are more suited to whole fruits and vegetables, and do not work as well with leafy greens. The juice produced tends to be light and tasty, although it does not have as much fiber as juice from a masticating juicer.


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Post 6

Life would be boring if we were all the same. Some people love juicing and others obviously don't. However, we should all speak respectfully of the choices we are lucky enough to be able to make.

I'm on the side of juicing and use a masticating juicer; it is a bit slower but there is no foam. I can't stand foam. I have an omega j8006.

Post 5

Except you completely missed the point. Anon is missing part of his intestines. Not as easy to digest everything and loses a lot of nutrients normally absorbed by the large intestine. Sorry anon, we will keep on looking for some good advice.

Post 4

The reason I have a juicer is because I have an ileostomy and have had several small bowel obstructions which are very, very painful and I end up in the hospital for three to five days each time. I have to eat a low fiber diet, and the juicer gives me the vitamins and minerals without all the fiber.

Post 2

I personally don't see a need for a juicer. I think it would be quite expensive to buy all these fruits and vegetables only to extract the juice from them. Besides, wouldn't a person get all the juices in the fruit and veggies just by eating them as is. Why pay all this money and do this hard work, will all you have to do is eat the fruits and vegetables and not have it all liquefied into a juice? I just can't see it, I think it is a complete waste of money and your time.

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