What is a Job Training Center?

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A job training center acts as a liaison between employers and workers within a particular region primarily to train workers in new job skills. The role of a job training center, in other words, is to increase productivity and reduce unemployment in a particular region. These centers are typically operated by government agencies although some are sponsored by private, nonprofit organizations. The typical training center also assists area employers in meeting their labor needs. Local businesses and workers might also be able to attend free job events hosted by a job training center.

The funding for job training often comes from a local or regional government. This agency might be interested in transitioning workers to new jobs if a traditional industry has closed down or to train workers in specific skills needed by a local employer. With new skills, workers can "reinvent themselves" and become more valuable to employers, generate more revenue for local businesses in the process.


The employee services offered by a job training center generally cater to a worker's skill level and career path. Training may be a combination of "hard" or technical skills and "soft" or people skills. An experienced worker, for example, might use a training center for resume writing and interviewing skills training. Most centers feature free courses on popular software programs for workers with little computer experience. The instructors at a training center can also cover topics like workplace etiquette and increasing productivity. The job training center might also maintain a list of job vacancies and training opportunities elsewhere in the community.

A job training center also often collaborates with employers to assess current and future labor requirements. In other words, a job training expert consults with company officials to find out the number of new laborers required for a particular project. This assessment also covers the minimum skills, educational level, and work experience needed by applicants. An employer can also work with a job training center to develop customized training programs for new employees. The center might also hep inform local businesses about upcoming changes to labor laws and minimum wage and payroll tax regulations.

Another function of a skills training center is to host events for workers and area businesses. A center can organize a job fair where local and regional employers can interview applicants on the spot. An employer might hold an open house at a job training center to recruit for specific positions. These facilities may used to host programs open to the general public or targeted to specific demographic groups particularly struggling with unemployment.


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