What Is a Jewelry Fundraiser?

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A jewelry fundraiser involves selling jewelry to consumers and then using the proceeds or profits to fund a specific group or activity. There are many different types of jewelry fundraisers. Some groups sell jewelry that has been purchased wholesale from manufacturers or that has been provided by a specialty fundraising company. Other fundraisers involve the sale of either new or used jewelry that has been donated for the purpose of assisting a group in raising funds. Jewelry fundraisers can be held online, through catalog sales, or during events.

Many organizations engage in fundraising efforts in order to keep operating. While it is sometimes possible to encourage people to simply make donations to the group, offering something of value to donors in exchange for their support can also increase the amount of money raised. As many people wear and appreciate jewelry, running a jewelry fundraiser often makes a lot of sense.

Some companies specialize in producing goods that are specifically designed for fundraising. An organization can work with one of these companies to secure jewelry to be sold as a fundraiser. In some cases, the fundraising company provides an assortment of jewelry that can be sold at a fundraising event. Other options for purchasing jewelry include asking the organization’s members to show fundraising catalogs to friends and family members or to promote a jewelry fundraiser online, allowing people to make their purchases from the fundraising company's website.


An alternative to selling the jewelry produced by a fundraising company is for the organization to solicit donations of both vintage and new jewelry from individuals, jewelry stores, and artists. The organization can then hold a jewelry fundraiser either as an auction or simply sell the jewelry directly to buyers. These fundraisers are often held in connection with other events, such as conferences, dances, and parties.

There are several reasons why someone might donate items to a jewelry fundraiser. In many jurisdictions, if an individual donates an item of value to a charity, school, or other nonprofit organization, he or she can reap certain tax benefits from doing so. Another reason for making a donation would be to earn publicity for a business or aspiring jewelry designer. Many organizations will recognize donors by including their name and contact information on a website or event program. Inclusion of a designer or jeweler's name in these lists can bring new business to the designer jeweler, making the donation to a jewelry fundraiser profitable.


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