What is a JavaScript&Reg; Error?

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JavaScript® is a computer programming language commonly used for developing Internet software applications. Like all programming languages, the JavaScript® programming language consists of a rigid set of a mathematical rules, also known as syntax, that is expressed in the form of source code. If the JavaScript® syntax is incorrect, such as an instance in which a programmer has typed incorrect characters in the source code, a JavaScript® error will be returned, and the application will not function.

A JavaScript® error can cause major issues for a website if it is heavily dependent on JavaScript®. This programming language is ubiquitous on the Internet because it enhances the overall functionality of a website. It also complements other Internet programming languages such as HyperText Markup Language (HTML).

A common area that might be affected by a JavaScript® error is an online contact form. JavaScript® is commonly utilized by programmers for the purpose of validating contact forms, such as not allowing invalid characters to be entered into the text fields. If, for example, a JavaScript® error occurred on a contact form, the form would not be fully functional.


Within many of the major web browsers, there is an optional setting for displaying a JavaScript® error. A user can choose to enable or disable this option. If a user disables this option, he or she will be unaware of the JavaScript® error, in which case the website might not function correctly. JavaScript® programmers typically have this option enabled to ascertain whether their programming is working properly. If this option is enabled, the web browser will inform the user of the exact location of the JavaScript® error within the source code, such as the line number and the character number.

There are numerous JavaScript® errors that can occur, including invalid characters and incorrect syntax. If a JavaScript® programmer is receiving continuous errors in his or her coding, troubleshooting will be required. This will require the programmer to ascertain the location of the error within the source code and to rectify the errors that exist. Typically, a programmer will rectify the issue by continually testing, using trial and error, the piece of JavaScript® code that is not working as it should be.

A programmer can utilize various types of software application to code JavaScript®, including a plain text editor or a function-rich web development application. Powerful web development applications are more commonly used by programmers because they have JavaScript® error debugging features. A plain text editor typically is used by expert JavaScript® programmers who are very experienced in this field.


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