What is a Jamb Liner?

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

A jamb liner is a strip which goes on the inside of a window frame to provide a snug fit for the window. Jamb liners can be built into a window frame, or they can be added or replaced later. Many hardware stores carry jamb liners which are designed for different sizes and types of windows, with each being used and installed slightly differently. It is also possible to order liners directly through window manufacturers.

A jamb liner is a strip which goes on the inside of a window frame to provide a snug fit for the window.
A jamb liner is a strip which goes on the inside of a window frame to provide a snug fit for the window.

The jambs are the part of the window frame which run vertically. Jambs usually have hardware associated with opening and closing the window, including tracks for windows to slide on, locks, and hinges. Jamb liners go on the inside of the jamb, and are often used to house hardware such as springs and weights used to keep windows balanced and open. In fact, jamb liner replacement can be used as a quick way to fit in a different style of window, with the liner housing all the hardware so that the window can be quickly and easily placed.

Vinyl and aluminum are commonly used in jamb liner manufacturing. These materials are strong and very durable, and they are also easy to install. It is possible to find jamb liners made from wood and other materials, but they can be costly and a bit challenging to fit into place in the window. For specialty windows, it may be necessary to order a custom jamb liner product which has been fitted to the window; these products can be fabricated by window manufacturers and some contractors.

When weathering homes to lower heating and cooling costs, jamb liners can be used as a quick and inexpensive way to seal cracks in the windows. They can be fitted in very easily, and they will cut down on air seepage around the window. When combined with a doublepaned window or another type of efficiency window, the jamb liners can make a significant difference in the energy needs of the structure.

Before purchasing replacement jamb liners, it is advisable to measure a window carefully and to take note of any unusual features to ensure that a liner of the right size and style is purchased. Most hardware stores have forgiving returns policies so that people can easily replace a purchase if they buy the wrong thing, but it's better to avoid a return trip to the hardware store for the right jamb liner, if possible.

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

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@HappyDay45 - Wow! That sounds great. We are looking to replace the windows in our 30-year-old home and that sounds just like something we should have.


We have a very large window in our upstairs family room. It is double paned and has decorative dividers between the two window panes. The dividers slipped down and we called the manufacturer for a window repair.

We though it would be an all day event, however the window has these vinyl jamb liners. All they had to do was pull of the old jamb liner and old window; then put in a new window and window jamb.

I think they were here less than an hour and it would have been faster if the window had been on the first floor. Love the new technology.

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