What is a Jade Egg?

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The jade egg is a small egg-shaped object intended for use as a piece of vaginal exercise equipment. These exercises are performed by inserting the egg inside the vagina and then using the interior muscles to squeeze and manipulate it from within. The intended purpose of the jade egg is to increase the muscle control and elasticity of the vaginal muscles which in turn increases blood flow and sensitivity to the entire area. By doing the exercises and using the egg, the result is usually increased sensitivity and internal muscle control during sexual activity allowing for a more pleasurable experience for the woman and for a male partner as well.

Typical exercises using a jade egg involve placing the egg inside the vagina, and using the interior muscles to contract on the egg for several seconds, then releasing. The exercise is repeated and intended to tone the muscles just as any other exercise for any other muscle group is intended. Such muscular training is intended to reverse any sort of vaginal widening due to aging or childbirth. Exercises performed prior to childbirth are also said to allow easier birth by allowing expecting mothers to practice controlling the muscles used during childbirth before the actual time.


Despite the name, most jade eggs are not actually made from jade. Jade is a precious stone and any mass production of such an item would be extremely cost-prohibitive. Most jade eggs are actually made from “new jade,” which is a semi-precious stone with a very similar appearance to jade. The new jade is hygienic and easily cleanable through the use of hot water and soap or boiling for thorough sterilization. Many jade eggs are made with a pre-drilled section to allow a string to be tied to the egg to allow for easier removal of the egg while a woman learns how to use it.

The purported benefits of using a jade egg and performing the accompanying exercises are said to be reduced incontinence among women and increased sexual experiences. Use of the jade egg is said to assist in maintaining vaginal lubrication, which allows for more comfortable sexual activity as well as basic daily comfort. The exercises also increase blood flow to the vagina and surrounding areas, which typically increases the amount of pleasure felt during sexual activity. Many users of jade eggs also find that they have greater interior muscle control during sexual activity with a partner, and that the partner finds the experience more pleasurable as well.


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