What is a Hypoallergenic Deodorant?

Diane Goettel

Hypoallergenic deodorant is a personal care product that is used in order to mask the scent of body odor without causing irritation to the underarm area. There are a number of people who are allergic to deodorants and antiperspirants that are not certified as being hypoallergenic. Some of the ingredients that are commonly used in deodorants and antiperspirants that can cause allergic reactions or irritations include fragrance and aluminum. People with aluminum sensitivity often have skin reactions to deodorant that is not hypoallergenic. People who are sensitive to fragrances might have skin reactions to deodorant that is not hypoallergenic or may have problems with the scent, which might cause sneezing or irritation to the sinuses.

Some individuals' allergies can be triggered by fragrances and allergens in deodorants, leading to symptoms like sneezing and a runny nose.
Some individuals' allergies can be triggered by fragrances and allergens in deodorants, leading to symptoms like sneezing and a runny nose.

Hypoallergenic deodorant is often made without fragrances of any kind. While the ingredients that are used in the product have at least a mild scent, the overall scent of the deodorant is often so mild that it does not bother even some of the most sensitive noses. Also, because it is mostly free from any scent, this deodorant is also unisex. Unlike other kinds of deodorants and antiperspirants, hypoallergenic deodorant does not include musky scents to cater to men or floral or citrusy scents to cater to women.

Some hypoallergenic deodorants are available in spray on form.
Some hypoallergenic deodorants are available in spray on form.

It is not as easy to find hypoallergenic deodorant as normal kinds of deodorant and antiperspirant. Drug stores and pharmacies with a limited inventory might not carry any deodorants that are hypoallergenic. While this product used to be found mostly in health food stores and specialty stores, it is becoming more common to find it in drug stores, pharmacies, and grocery stores that have a large inventory of personal hygiene products. It is also sold by a number of online retailers that sell hypoallergenic or natural products.

Hypoallergenic deodorant doesn't cause armpit irritation.
Hypoallergenic deodorant doesn't cause armpit irritation.

Some people prefer to use hypoallergenic deodorant simply because it generally includes more natural products than other kinds of deodorants. There is one kind of hypoallergenic deodorant that is made out of a crystal. This product uses mineral salts to cover the scent of body odor. The mineral salts come in the form of an actual crystal that can be rubbed on the underarm area. There are also products made with the crystal that allow users to roll on or spray on the deodorant.

Roll-on deodorant.
Roll-on deodorant.
A stick of hypoallergenic deodorant.
A stick of hypoallergenic deodorant.

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Discussion Comments


@ankara-- If a deodorant is labeled as both organic and hypoallergenic, that's fine. But an organic deodorant is not necessarily hypoallergenic.

I know many people who have allergies to natural oils and ingredients found in organic products. I know that the organic deodorant I have at home contains some essential oils in it. So someone who has sensitive skin that's prone to allergies might not be able to use an organic deodorant either.


@John57-- I completely agree with you. I've tried several different brands of hypoallergenic deodorant so far. They all seem to work just fine for a couple of hours, but they never last the whole day. I haven't been able to find one yet that actually keeps me odor-free the entire day.

I don't know if I just sweat a lot. I do work outdoors though and that's probably the main problem. I need something heavy duty, but it also needs to be hypoallergenic. I'm not sure such a combination exists.


@golf07-- I'm using an organic, hypoallergenic deodorant right now. It's the kind that has crystal in it. Previously, I've tried everything from Dove to Nivea to Rexona deodorant. The hypoallergenic one I'm using now that I just picked up at my local pharmacy works even better than these in my opinion.

I don't think I'm allergic to all regular deodorants. But the last time I tried a new product, I turned out to be allergic to it. I didn't get a rash, just a terrible itch that wouldn't go away.

I didn't want to take any risks and waste more money trying more deodorants and decided to get an organic one. Many organic deodorants are hypoallergenic and so far I'm happy with the one I'm using.


@John57-- I order hypoallergenic deodorant online from a nutrition company, and they have more than one choice. I think there is a difference in brands as I have had great results with mine.

I have to be very careful about all products I put on my skin, and am glad that I have been able to find a deodorant that works and yet doesn't make my skin break out in a rash.


@golf07-- I have had mixed results when using a hypoallergenic deodorant. I like the fact that most of them are unscented and that part doesn't bother me at all.

Some brands I have tried just haven't worked as well as what I was using before. That is my only complaint about using a hypoallergenic deodorant. If I could find one that works just as good as the others, I would have no hesitation in using it.

I buy this as the store where I buy the rest of my personal care products, and they only have one choice when it comes to a hypoallergenic deodorant. I might have better results if I tried a different brand.


My daughter has sensitive skin and she gets a rash after using most deodorants after a few weeks. I feel like we have tried just about every brand on the shelves, but have never tired a hypoallergenic deodorant.

She loves using a deodorant that has a floral scent and I don't know how crazy she would be about using something that was unscented. I also wonder if they work as well as other deodorants?

It still sounds like it might be a good alternative for her. She gets pretty frustrated when she thinks she has found a deodorant that she isn't allergic to and then after a few weeks can't use it anymore.


@anon246913-- I have had just the opposite effect with using a hypoallergenic deodorant. Many of the other deodorants I tried would give me a rash, but when I tried using a hypoallergenic one, I didn't have any problems.

Everyone is different and what works for one person may not work for someone else. I don't think any deodorant is worth it if you get a rash from it. There are so many alternatives available, that you should be able to find one that works well for you.


I use hypoallergenic deodorant sometimes and I get rashes from the deodorant. I think I must be allergic, but with all other deodorants I use, I don't get rashes.

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