What is a Humidity Display?

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A humidity display is a device which displays information about humidity. It can be attached to a remote or local sensor, and may provide real time humidity updates and information, or periodic updates, depending on design. Some humidity displays are digital, while others use analog display dials to provide information to the observer. Many companies manufacture devices which take and display humidity measurements and these devices can be purchased through hardware stores, electronics suppliers, and stores which stock climate control equipment.

Humidity displays are used in facilities like greenhouses, museums, and other structures where control of humidity and climate are crucial. In these facilities, the display may even be linked to an alarm so that dangerous changes to the humidity will be addressed as quickly as possible. In this case, in addition to being located inside the room, a humidity display can also be rigged to a remote device, allowing people to check the humidity from an offsite location.

Humidity displays are also typically part of weather stations, allowing people to make a note of the humidity when taking other weather observations. In many areas, regular reports from weather stations are submitted so that meteorologists, government officials, farmers, and other people interested in ongoing weather conditions can keep an eye on weather situations. These reports may be manual or automated, depending on the station and the agency responsible for maintaining it.


Climate control systems in private homes and office buildings may also have humidity displays so that people can make adjustments to the system as needed. The humidity display usually shows both inside and outside humidity, and may display humidity in relative and absolute values as well. Some toggle back and forth between different measurements of humidity, or show several different humidity readings so that people can easily compare and contrast.

The humidity display itself is usually sealed so that it cannot be damaged by water and other fluids, with a glass or plastic cover to protect the device. It is often designed to be hung or placed on a pole so that it can be situated at a height which is convenient for taking measurements. When selecting a humidity display, people may want to think about how easy it is to read, whether or not the aesthetics match the space where it will be used, and if they want other features like temperature, wind speed, and other types of measurements to be part of their humidity display.


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