What is a Human Resource Assistant?

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A Human Resource (HR) assistant works in the human resources department of an organization or business. He or she has many various job responsibilities, and typically works full time. The human resource assistant often works with personnel, which may mean recruiting and hiring new employees, as well as maintaining employee records and keeping information up to date.

One large part of the job of a person in this position is working directly with employees, both current, past, and potential. When someone applies to the business or organization, the assistant will often be responsible for checking references and verifying employment history, as well as any other necessary information such as a credit check. Though a human resource assistant does not typically give the interview, he or she might sit in to observe. Once a decision regarding employment has been made, he may be responsible for contacting the applicant to let him or her know the outcome.

When an employee is hired, the HR assistant will request information from them including name, address, phone number, employment history, job title, emergency contact information, and information regarding benefits selection, if applicable. If the new employee has questions regarding any workplace practices, such as dress code, sick time or vacation time, salary, or medical benefits, for example, the human resource assistant will need to be able to answer those questions. Once all of this information has been gathered, the HR assistant must keep records current, accurate, and accessible.


The job of the human resource assistant does not end when an employee leaves the business. He or she may be contacted for a reference later on, when the employee applies for a new job, or he may be asked to verify employment history, or assist with the transfer of retirement plans or other benefits. In addition to working with employees, an HR assistant may be responsible for answering phones, opening mail, keeping other filing records, or other general office tasks. The assistant may also search the Internet for resumes for potential employees.

Typically, a human resource assistant will only need a high school diploma or G.E.D. in order to be hired. If one is successful as an assistant, it is likely that he or she may eventually be promoted to become a human resources manager, which may come with additional benefits as well as an increase in pay. It is important that HR assistants be able to work well with people, be respectful and discreet, and be skillful using a computer.


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Post 5

I am working as a receptionist and I am an MBA(hr). Is reception a part of the HR Department? How can I become an HR executive?

Post 4

I have had more than one human resources job and enjoy the variety of work this has given me. Because of this I have decided to pursue a career in human resources. Eventually my goal is to be a human resources director.

There is always constant change happening in the HR department as employees come and go. There is also no end to the questions and situations that need to be resolved for employees.

My first job in this area was working as an assistant and this gave me my first taste of what it would be like to work in this field. What I like most is that every day is different because you are constantly dealing with employees with all different kinds of problems that need to be resolved.

Post 3

I am the director of a daycare and this job title includes doing most of the human resources work. When we have a job opening, it is my responsibility to review resumes and contact people for interviews.

I am responsible for the interview process, hiring and firing. This is not part of my job that I particularly enjoy, but know that it goes with the territory.

Because this is not a huge daycare, most of the duties of the director would be similar to human resource assistant duties. There is a receptionist who handles all the incoming phone calls, but most all of the other personnel work is my responsibility.

Post 2

At my current job, I have a job title of human resource administrative assistant. Basically, I am an assistant to the human resources manager who oversees the entire personnel department.

A college degree is not needed for my position, but if I wanted to continue to work my up in this field, I can see where that would be helpful.

I don't have much daily contact with the employees as most of them meet with the manager when they have issues. Most of my job consists of taking care of all the paperwork.

I have found this to be an interesting job as you end up having access to the personal files of each employee. There is a lot of paperwork involved in keeping a personnel department running smoothly, and I never have to worry about not having enough to do.

Post 1

Since most of the employees in the plant were union workers, the attorney was closely involved in the day to day affairs of our department.

This was not a very big company and many times there was not a lot of work to do. I was responsible for a lot of the administrative work the attorney and manager gave me. After a few months they made some cut backs, and the receptionist job was eliminated.

I had to take over this job and continue on with my assistant duties at the same time. At this point, I had more than I could handle, but I found the duties of a human resource assistant to be varied and


I had my own office and was able to meet with employees on an individual basis which I found to be the most rewarding.

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