What is a House Arrest Bracelet?

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Most prisons within the United States are overcrowded. This has caused many states to create new methods for managing the detainment of prisoners. A house arrest is a jail sentence that is served in a home instead of a prison. This type of sentence requires an individual to stay in his home and wear a house arrest bracelet. This bracelet is an electronic monitoring device that transmits a signal notifying the authorities of the exact whereabouts of the detained individual.

A house arrest bracelet typically comes in the form of an ankle bracelet. It is about the size of a large watch and attaches to the ankle with a set of snap rivets. It is difficult for the offender to remove and many devices trigger an alarm if they are tampered with.

The bracelet transmits an electronic signal that is similar to a geographic positioning tracking system (GPS). This bracelet sends a constant positioning signal to a base monitoring system, which monitors house arrest inmates to ensure they do not leave the confinement of their detained area. The detained area typically includes the outside parameter of the home to allow for trash removal and lawn maintenance.


This type of detention option is only available for non serious criminals. If the detainee attempts to leave his home or remove his house arrest bracelet an alarm is automatically sent to the police department. This tampering action is typically considered an escape attempt and leads to prison time.

House arrest monitoring equipment is the computer hardware that ensures an individual stays in a confined area for the duration of his sentence. This equipment is installed in the detainee's residence, to verify the offender's compliance with the sentence. This equipment typically includes a bracelet and special phone devices that takes photos and breath samples.

The monitoring process begins with a random phone call to the detainee. The equipment will then take a photo, voice response, and breathe sample during the phone conversation. This process ensures the offender is continually wearing the house arrest bracelet and not using alcohol during his sentence.

Ankle monitoring bracelets were first used as a detention alternative in the early 80s. During that time they were hardwired with phones lines and used to monitor prisoners on work-release probation and other non-violent criminals. Today, with Internet GPS applications, many courts have expanded monitoring devices to track sexual predators. This device can signal the police when a known predator is close to schools or other restricted areas.


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Post 6

Is there any way to hinder the electronic signal from the GPS ankle bracelet for a short time?

Post 4

I have been implanted with a tracking system in my body. This was done by making me ingest something while I was sleeping. I had taken a medication to make me sleep and the perpetrators broke into my home and this was done.

I have been living with this system for 10 months. I have gone to government agencies to help and this cannot be traced in this country so far. Is this something sold on the black market? If you know, answer me.

Post 3

@ALevine - I have to agree with alianor. I think it's taking it far too lightly to let sexual predators loose in society. There's a saying: "Where there's a will, there's a way". Anyone who really wants to commit a crime badly enough will do whatever they can to do so. Even if they're wearing a house arrest band, there's always a chance that the authorities might not get there in time to stop them.

Post 2

@alianor - Re: sexual predators - good point but I think they're tracked and monitored well enough that they can't really do anything. And house arrest ankle bracelets are so clunky and obvious. If anyone saw it, they'd most likely stay away.

Post 1

While I do have issues with letting prisoners out simply due to overcrowded jails, I have to admit that a house arrest band or anklet is a pretty good solution for very minor crimes. I can't help thinking of Lindsay Lohan. It's essentially like being grounded for grown-ups. Back to Lindsay though, if it's simply a matter of someone being irresponsible, then it's somewhat acceptable to sentence them to house arrest. The article also mentions sexual predators and I think it's just incredibly creepy to let them even risk approaching possible victims.

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