What is a Hotel Spa?

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A hotel spa is a spa that is located in or on the grounds of a hotel or resort. It is quite common for upscale hotels to have spas where guests can enjoy a number of services and beauty treatments. The most common services that are offered on hotel spa menus are massages, manicures, pedicures, and facials. Depending on the facility, hotel spas may also come equipped with steam rooms and saunas for guests to enjoy between treatments.

It is common for a hotel spa to allow guests to book treatments in their rooms instead of in the spa. In fact, some hotel spas are quite small and conduct most of the services in guest rooms or suites rather than in dedicated rooms within the spa facilities. For treatments that are conducted within a hotel room, the massage therapist, esthetician, or nail technician will bring all necessary supplies to the guest's hotel room. Some hotel spas also offer hair care and have beauticians on hand who can take care of guests who need to have their hair cut, colored, or styled.


In addition to massage and care for the skin, nails, and hair, a hotel spa may also offer dental treatments. The most common dental treatments offered by spas are teeth whitening services. Another item that sometimes appears on the menus of hotel spas is a hot towel shave. This is a luxurious treatment for men involving the skin on their face being softened with warm towels, followed by a shave with a straight razor. The treatment is usually finished off with a soothing balm to calm the skin.

There are some hotels that are destinations simply because of the quality of their spas. In fact, some hotels and resorts are specifically designed to serve guests who are looking for an excellent spa experience. Many of these kinds of facilities offer packages that include the cost of lodging as well as the fees for a number of treatments. These packages can usually be tailored to fit each guest's interests and needs. Hotels and resorts such as these are likely to offer fitness classes such as yoga and Pilates as well.

There are a number of well-known hospitality chains that have spas in most of their hotels. There are also many boutique hotels that have spas. Almost every hospitality website has information about whether or not there is a hotel spa on the premises. If there is, then there should be a menu that will allow you to browse the treatments that are available.


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@cellmania: That really depends on where you go. Some of the more elite hotels include spa service for free. You can bet that your nightly charge will be pretty high at a place like that. Saunas and heat rooms, on the other hand, are usually free. Many hotels look at saunas as they would a swimming pool.

If you are planning a trip to a nice hotel that offers spa treatment, I would definitely call first to make sure of what the charge is, if any. If there is no additional charge for the spa, I would at least tip the staff in the spa.

Post 1

Do you have to pay extra at these luxury spa hotels or is that included in the price of your room?

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