What Is a Hospital Air Bed?

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A hospital air bed is a piece of equipment which is used in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and for home care. These beds are used to reduce the pressure on parts of the body for patients who must remain immobile. Placing a patient on an air bed reduces the likelihood of developing bedsores and can make a burn patient feel more comfortable while he or she is recovering from this type of injury.

Bedsores are a condition which occurs when a patient’s skin is pressed against a mattress for an extended time. Shifting the patient’s position on the bed is not always enough to prevent these skin ulcers from developing. A person who is recovering after suffering burns will also want to avoid being placed on a firm mattress, since it will irritate the injured parts of his or her body.

This type of bed is much more sophisticated than an air mattress, although both of these items are inflated with air. The level of pressure in the hospital air bed can be adjusted to a level which will keep the patient comfortable. The goal when using a hospital air mattress is to provide enough support so that delicate tissue is given a chance to heal properly without being subjected to contact with a standard mattress.


One of the features a consumer looking for a hospital air bed may want to consider is how easy the device is to inflate and deflate as needed. It should be easy to adjust the mattress to the level of firmness desired for each patient. Staff should be able to deflate the hospital air mattress quickly if necessary.

Another important feature to consider when looking for this type of equipment for patient care is whether the bed height can be adjusted easily. Hospital or rehabilitation center staff will likely find an adjustable bed easier to use when having to move patients from one device to another. Patients who have at least some mobility will appreciate not having to climb up to get into the hospital air bed.

A standard hospital bed can be adjusted to raise and lower the head and bottom of the bed. This feature is also available to people who are looking for a hospital air bed. The flexibility of being able to adjust the position will help to keep pressure off the patient’s upper back and knees to ensure that he or she is as comfortable as possible.


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