What is a Hose Holder?

Malcolm Tatum

Hose holders are devices that house some type of hose when it is not in use. Different types of holders are used around the home, as part of fire fighting equipment, and in manufacturing plants. In some cases, the hose holder is more utilitarian in design and purpose. However, some options for the home are also designed to be decorative as well as functional.

Hose holders are an important piece of equipment for firefighters.
Hose holders are an important piece of equipment for firefighters.

One of the most common examples of the hose holder is the simple hose reel. This handy holder is often found at private residences, and makes for easy storage of a garden hose when it is not in use. Available in both rolling and wall-mounted versions, the reel makes it possible to wrap the garden hose for easy storage in a workshop or garage. One of the benefits of using this type of holder is that the hose does not have the chance to knot or tangle, making it much easier to deploy the hose when needed to water the lawn, garden, or flower beds.

Decorative versions of the hose holder are also found in many homes. Sometimes designed to resemble a large pot, these holders make it possible to wind the hose into the body of the device, then use a simple cover or lid to hide the hose from view. The holder can be placed conveniently on a patio or porch, and function as a decorative element in the space, especially when positioned among terracotta or clay pots that contain live plants.

In many manufacturing plants, the retractable hose holder is a common sight. For example, textile plants often make use of air hoses to remove off fly from fibers that settle into carding, spinning, and twisting machines. Often, the host holder is mounted in close proximity to the machines, making it easy for employees to reach for the hose and use the airflow from the hose to remove the residue from the machines. Once the machines are clean, the hose is allowed to automatically retract into the holder, eliminating the need rewind the hose manually.

Fire fighters also make use of the hose holder. Depending on the design of the fire trucks in use, the holders may allow for automatic retraction of the hose, or allow fire fighters to deploy the hoses by unwinding them manually. As with the holders designed for use around the home, holders used as part of fire fighting equipment are ideal for keeping the hydraulic hoses and their hose couplings from becoming tangled and wasting precious seconds during an emergency situation.

Whether used with garden hoses or as part of a hydraulic hose design, the hose holder is a practical solution that makes it easier to deploy the hose quickly, store it securely, and prevent the hose from tangling. Simple holders are found at just about any discount retail store that has a garden department. More elaborate designs for the home can be found at many home and garden shops. Industrial holders are often available from the larger industrial supply vendors that cater to corporate clients.

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