What is a Hose Extender?

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A hose extender is a general term used to describe a part that connects to a hose, increasing its length and functionality. Hose extenders are found inside and outside the home. Inside the home, a hose extender is generally used in plumbing supply lines. Outdoor uses for a hose extender typically include lengthening connections to outdoor faucets and aiding in tire inflation; many types of industries utilize hose extenders as well.

There are many types of hose extenders for garden use. Some extenders are designed to be attached between the outdoor water spigot and the hose. These extenders increase the overall length of the hose and are usually flexible and made of a material similar to the garden hose. The term "extender" is also used to describe an attachment that can be added to the other end of the hose, aiding gardeners in watering plants. These devices, often called wands, vary in shape, size and functionality. They are usually 12 inches (30.5 cm) or longer and are made of rigid plastic or metal. This type of hose extender typically has an attachment on the end which allows the user to determine the amount of water being delivered to plants.


A hose extender can also be used as a junction between an indoor faucet, such as the kitchen sink faucet, and an outdoor garden hose. These extenders generally require the use of a hose coupling, specially designed for the purpose. A coupling is a device used to connect two shafts together at their ends.

A hose extender can be used in plumbing supply lines inside the house as well. Plumbing supply lines are used to move hot and cold running water to sinks, toilets and tubs. These lines, usually referred to as braided hoses, are typically made of rust proof aluminum. They are attached by couplings or clamps, which are specifically designed for that purpose.

Other uses for hose extenders include attachments to hand-held showering devices. These hose extenders can increase the length of the device, and give the user more water flow options. A hose extender is also often used in inflating tires. Hose extenders kits are commonly available for general use or for specific vehicles, such as recreational vehicles. These are typically made of rubber tubing reinforced with nylon braiding, to increase strength and durability.

Hose extenders can also be used in hydraulics and pneumatics. Hydraulics is the use of liquids under high pressure to power machinery while pneumatics is the use of gas under high pressure to produce the same results. Both processes use a hose extender, which can be made of flexible tubing or rigid braided hoses.


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