What is a Home Security Dialer?

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A home security dialer is a device that is made to automatically call phone numbers when a home alarm is triggered. These kinds of auto dialer devices help out in cases of burglary or breaking and entering when an individual is absent from home, or during a home invasion, when the inhabitants may be in the home. These innovative pieces of a home security system, or home alarm systems, can be extremely useful in conjunction with other technologies. They can make it easier for a trapped person to report a crime, or they can provide a level of vigilance when those who live in the home are far away.

A home security dialer can be part of DIY home protection where the owner sets up a simple system, or part of a greater home security service. These dialers can be programs to alert the home’s owner if the house is broken into. Dialers can also alert friends or neighbors, the police, or just about anyone who can assist in a break-in or other security incident.

Some auto home security dialer machines are made primarily to dial emergency phone numbers in a home invasion. Dialers can dial out to phone numbers through a landline connection. Some are made to use a cellular phone network.


The cellular or wireless feature of security dialers addresses a problem that is often seen in suspense films or novels. When a criminal wants a home invasion to be effective, that person will sometimes cut telephone lines, rendering a landline based dialer inactive. With the newest home security dialer systems that use a wireless connection, those inside the home can call out even when telephone lines are cut. This is an interesting and useful feature of new dialers that are part of many modern home security systems.

Companies that offer comprehensive home security services often present a dialer as part of a greater network for more automated home protection. A central call center may get a signal from the automatic dialer, and respond to it without the home’s owner having to do anything. Home security companies will often pitch this kind of package to homeowners along with many other kinds of extra services. Every household will have to think about what is in their price range, and how many additional security features they need to feel safe on their property.


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There's been a type of arms war that has been going on since man can remember.

The security systems keep getting more and more advanced and the crooks keep getting smarter and smarter.

As long as people want what other people have you are going to have robbery.

There is nothing more unnerving then being on vacation and letting your mind wander to your house sitting without you there to keep it safe. The modern security system is meant to help people have a bit of piece of mind when away.

Technology has come so far in this war against thievery, but there is always going to be someone trying to break the system.

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