What Is a High Pressure Shower Head?

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A high pressure shower head is a type of shower head that is designed to maximize the pressure of the water flow. The highest pressure can be achieved by the smaller designs, with minimal holes for the water to flow out of. High water pressure can still be achieved to a lesser degree in larger shower heads, as well as hand-held shower heads. There are also high pressure shower heads designed to minimize water output, while maintaining pressure, for the environmentally conscious.

Many people find that a high pressure head is a great alternative to frustrating, low-pressure shower heads. Anyone who has suffered through a shower with low water pressure knows what an unsatisfying experience it can be. Low water pressure simply does not clean as well as high water pressure can. Higher water pressure from the right shower head won't leave soap residue in hair or on the skin like lower water pressure does.

Different types of spray patterns are available with a high pressure shower head. Some shower heads offer only one steady spray pattern, while others offer multiple spray patterns to choose from. Versatility is great for families whose members might have different shower preferences. A coarse spray pattern might be a welcome massage to an adult, but is probably too harsh for younger children who would benefit more from a finer stream.


High pressure shower heads come in varying sizes. Small designs tend to be less expensive, and offer the highest amount of water pressure because of its directed flow. A large high pressure head is great because it can cover more body surface at once. The larger models, however, tend to be a bit more expensive and usually don't have quite the level of pressure that a smaller head can provide. The larger heads also can offer more spray variations than small shower heads.

Hand held shower heads tend to have less pressure than fixed shower heads, mostly because the water loses pressure when it goes through the hose. There are, however, some exceptions to this rule. Finding a high pressure head that is also hand held will take some digging, but there are several review websites on the Internet that provide a few options. The better hand held shower heads will tend to be more expensive than a fixed head of equal or better pressure performance.

New water saving technology has produced a high pressure shower head that conserves water, without sacrificing pressure. Maximum pressure is achieved by minimizing the area the water flows out of. These shower heads also pump air out with the water, which adds to the pressure, and helps to disperse the water flow so it covers more area. These are some of the most expensive models of high pressure shower heads on the market.


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Post 3

Most newer "low flow" shower heads can be "corrected" by removing the shower head from the pipe coming out of the wall. Once you remove the shower head look into hole in the back of the shower head where the pipe screwed into it and you will likely see a water restriction device that slows down the water coming into the shower head. Use a screwdriver, knife, or whatever to remove that piece and then reinstall the shower head and your underperforming shower head will be transformed into a high flow high pressure shower head.

Post 2

@Scrbblchick -- I feel your pain. I hate most hotel showers for that very reason. In their laudable efforts to be "green," they have the low flow heads which just don't do much at all.

It's worst at the beach where the water is really soft, and it takes more to get all the soap off your skin and out of your hair. A hotel that has a high pressure shower head always gets high marks from me.

I've even left reviews on those online travel sites about whether a hotel has a decent shower head and have had people comment, thanking me, because they hate the dribble, too.

My husband thinks it's kind of funny, but really, he's as bad about it as I am.

Post 1

I need one of these. I *hate* a dribbling shower head, meant to lower the flow level, and as a result, feeling like someone is spitting on my head.

I like a good shower with enough water pressure to actually wash the shampoo out of my hair. Those low flow shower heads just don't do the job very well.

I need to hit the local home improvement store and hunt for a good high pressure shower head.

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