What Is a High Hairline?

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A high hairline refers to a hairline that makes the forehead look larger or more exposed than a low hairline does. A high hairline may be a flattering feature, especially when it is accompanied by a flattering hairstyle. Also, this hairline is usually hereditary, and should not be confused with a receding hairline. In addition, hair thinning and other types of hair loss are not related to a high hairline either.

Although some people consider high hairlines attractive, others prefer to disguise them with various hairstyles. To make a high hairline look less noticeable, wearing certain hairstyles help. Layered hairstyles help the hair look thicker and more voluminous, which makes the forehead look smaller. In addition, wearing bangs is also recommended to counteract the appearance of the hairline, as they can actually hide a large forehead.

Another name for a high hairline is the Tudor hairline. This type of hairline was prominent in Tudor times when Queen Elizabeth I ruled. It was not unheard of for women to shave their hairlines to make it higher so they could look more like the queen. Although this practice is usually not done anymore, many people choose to accentuate this trait. For them, wearing the hair pulled back in a slick or severe pony pain will greatly call attention to the forehead, though if this look is not desired, a slicked back ponytail should be avoided.


High hairlines are typically more common in men, but may be more bothersome for women. Also, people with these hairlines sometimes seek cosmetic surgery, which is often referred to as hairline-lowering surgery. In addition to this type of surgery, hair grafting can also be done to fill in the upper portion of the forehead. The individual should discuss surgical options with an experienced cosmetic surgeon who can explain the procedures along with the risks and benefits.

Another flattering hairstyle that can reduce the appearance of a large forehead is wearing a side part, or off-center part, instead of a center part. The symmetry of the side part can disguise a full-looking forehead, where a center part can actually accentuate it. People can talk to their stylists to learn more about hairstyles that will flatter their high hairlines. For those whose hairlines still look obvious despite creative hairstyling, a hairpiece, wig, or strategically placed hair extensions might be viable options.


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